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Warming Drawer Controls; Power Switch; Temperature Control Knob; Timer - KitchenAid KEWD105 Use & Care Manual

Warming drawer
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Power Switch

Food Poisoning Hazard
Do not let food sit for more than one hour before
or after cooking.
Doing so can result in food poisoning or
Press the POWER "ON" switch to turn on the warming drawer.
Once the power is turned on, a red indicator light will illuminate.
This indicator light is located on the right side of the TIMER
OVERRIDE switch.
When finished, press the POWER "OFF" switch to turn the
warming drawer off. When the warming drawer is turned off
automatically or manually, the indicator light will go out and the
drawer will begin to cool.

Temperature Control Knob

The temperature is controlled by rotating the control knob to the
desired setting. The temperature ranges from LO to HIGH,
approximately 90°F to 225°F (32°C to 107°C).


The warming drawer has an automatic 4 hour timer. After 4 hours,
the warming drawer will shut off. Although the automatic timer is
set for a 4-hour period, do not leave foods in warming drawer for
more than one hour.

Timer Override Switch

The Timer can be turned off using the TIMER OVERRIDE switch.
This feature allows you to keep the warming drawer on until it is
turned off manually with the POWER "OFF" switch.
It is recommended that the switch remain in the "OFF" position,
unless longer warming times are required. When the TIMER
OVERRIDE switch is in the "ON" position, the light on the switch
will illuminate, showing the Timer has been bypassed.
IMPORTANT: Although the Timer can be bypassed by using the
TIMER OVERRIDE switch, do not let food sit in the warming
drawer for more than one hour. Bacterial growth may occur.

Moist-Dry Slide

The Moist-Dry slide allows you to open or close the vent slots in
the door. The MOIST setting holds moisture in, while the DRY
setting allows steam and moisture to escape from the drawer.
NOTE: Condensation may form on inner surfaces. This is normal.
To keep foods moist, put slide on MOIST, closing the vents.
Closing the vents will seal the drawer and keep hot food soft and
To keep foods crisp, put slide on DRY, opening the vents.
Opening the vents releases moisture from the drawer and keeps
hot foods crisp and dry.

Setting the Controls

Food Poisoning Hazard
Do not let food sit for more than one hour before
or after cooking.
Doing so can result in food poisoning or
The warming drawer is ideal for keeping hot cooked foods at
serving temperature. It may also be used for warming breads
and pastries.
Different types of food may be placed in the warming drawer at
the same time. For best results, do not hold foods longer than
one hour. For smaller quantities or heat-sensitive foods (such as
eggs), do not hold longer than 30 minutes.
Food must be at serving temperature before being placed in the
warming drawer. (Breads, pastries, and fruit pies may be heated
from room temperature on the HI setting.)
Remove food from plastic bags and place in oven-safe container.
Cover foods with a lid or aluminum foil. Do not cover with plastic
wrap. Empty serving dishes and dinner plates can be heated
while the warming drawer is preheating. It is also recommended
to preheat the positioning rack(s) and pan(s) before using.
To Use:
1. Press the POWER "ON" switch.
2. Select MOIST or DRY setting.


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