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KitchenAid 4452827 Use & Care Manual

Kitchenaid warming drawer operation manual


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For questions about features, operation/performance, parts, accessories or service, call: 1-800-422-1230 or visit our website at...


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Summary of Contents for KitchenAid 4452827

  • Page 1: Warming Drawer

    ® WARMING DRAWER For questions about features, operation/performance, parts, accessories or service, call: 1-800-422-1230 or visit our website at... 4452827...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS WARMING DRAWER SAFETY ... 3 PARTS AND FEATURES... 4 BEFORE USING YOUR WARMING DRAWER... 5 Electrical Requirements ... 5 USING YOUR WARMING DRAWER... 5 Setting the Controls ... 5 Positioning Racks and Pans ... 6 How to Use ... 7 Warming Serving Bowls and Plates ...
  • Page 3: Warming Drawer Safety

    WARMING DRAWER SAFETY Your safety and the safety of others is very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to hazards that can kill or hurt you and others.
  • Page 4: Parts And Features

    PARTS AND FEATURES 1. Control Panel 2. Model and Serial Number Plate 3. Moist-Dry Slide (not shown) Control Panel 1. Power “ON” Switch 2. Temperature Control Knob 4. Pan Support and Locator 5. Pans 6. “ON” Light Viewer POWER 3. Timer Override Switch 4.
  • Page 5: Before Using Your Warming Drawer

    BEFORE USING YOUR WARMING DRAWER Electrical Requirements WARNING Electrical Shock Hazard Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet. Do not remove ground prong. Do not use an adapter. Do not use an extension cord. Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire, or electrical shock.
  • Page 6: Positioning Racks And Pans

    Timer Override switch The Timer Override switch allows you to run the unit past 4 hours, until it is turned off manually with the Power switch. It is recommended that the switch be left in the OFF position, unless longer warming times are required. When the Override switch is in the ON position, the light on the switch will illuminate to notify that the Timer has been bypassed.
  • Page 7: How To Use

    How to Use The Warming Drawer is intended to hold hot foods warm after cooking and is not intended for cooking foods. 1. Press the Power “ON” switch to turn the unit on. 2. Select MOIST or DRY setting. 3. Set drawer to desired temperature setting (example: LO, MED LO, MED, MED HI, HI).
  • Page 8: Raising (Proofing) Bread

    Raising (Proofing) Bread 1. Cover dough with lightly oiled wax paper and place temperature safe pan(s) directly on bottom of drawer. 2. Set control knob to PROOF setting. 3. Place vent on MOIST setting. 4. Check dough periodically for proofing progress. 5.
  • Page 9: Replacing The Drawer

    Replacing the Drawer 1. Align the drawer guides with the receiving slides. 2. Push drawer in completely. Gently open and close drawer to ensure it is seated properly on the slides. Cleaning the Drawer Before cleaning, always make sure that all controls are turned off and the drawer is cool.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    To locate the KitchenAid designated service company in your area, you can also look in your telephone directory Yellow Pages. For further assistance If you need further assistance, you can write to KitchenAid with any questions or concerns at: KitchenAid Brand Home Appliances Consumer Assistance Center c/o Correspondence Dept.
  • Page 11: Warranty

    For one year from the date of purchase, when this Warming Drawer is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or furnished with the product, KitchenAid will pay for factory specified replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in materials or workmanship.

Table of Contents