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Recessed Area Instructions - KitchenAid Dishwasher Installation Instructions Manual

Kitchenaid dishwasher user manual
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Recessed area
Closet door
This washer may be installed in a
recessed area or closet.
The installation spacing is in inches and is
minimum allowable.
Additional spacing should be considered for
ease of installation and servicing.
If closet door Is installed, the minimum air
openings in top and bottom are required.
Louvered doors with air openings in top and
bottom are acceptable.
Companion appliance spacing should be
Front view
(door not shown)
Side view
Front view
Minimum installation
If you
The KitchenAid Consumer Assistance Center
will answer any questions about operating or
maintaining your washer not covered in the
Installation Instructions. The KitchenAid
Consumer Assistance Center is open 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. Just dial (800)
4221230 -the
call is free.
When you call, you will
need the w&her
model number and serial number. Both
numbers can be found on the seriavrating
plate located under the washer lid and on top
of the washer.
If you-need service...
In the event that your KitchenAid appliance
should need service, call the dealer from
whom you purchased the appliance or a
KitchenAid-aulhorized service company. A
KitchenAid-authorized service company is
listed in the Yellow Pages of your telephone
directory under "Appliances - Household -
Major - Service or Repair". You can also
obtain the.service company's name and
'telephone number by dialing, free, within the
continental United Slates, the KitchenAid
Consumer Assistance Center telephone
number, (800) 422-1230. A special operator
will tell you the name and number of your
nearest KitchenAid-authorized service
Maintain the quality built into your KitchenAid
appliance - call a KitchenAid-authorized
service company.
Part No. 3356579
6 1991 KilchenAid
Prepared by KitchenAid. St. Joseph. Michigan 49065
Primed in U.S.A.

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