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Alcatel First REFLEXES User Manual

Omnipcx enterprise
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Alcatel First Reflexes™
OmniPCX Enterprise



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  • Page 1 Alcatel First Reflexes™ Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise...
  • Page 2: How To Use This Guide

    How to use this guide You have an Alcatel First REFLEXES digital telephone. • Actions Off-hook Hang up Description of an action or context • Pre-programmed key Pre-programmed key • Keypad Numeric keypad Specific key on numeric keypad • Other symbols used...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Your telephone ......p. 4 Making a call ......p. 6 1.1 Making a call .
  • Page 4: Your Telephone

    Your telephone Light indicates messages received...
  • Page 5 Pre-programmed key to cancel an enquiry call to access the various mail services to automatically redial the last number dialled to reduce receiver or ringer volume to switch between two calls to divert calls to another terminal to activate ringer to increase receiver or ringer volume Installing the label on the telephone A printed label is supplied with the telephone to be placed under the programmable...
  • Page 6: Making A Call

    Making a call 1. Making a call Off-hook Dial To make an external call, dial the "External call" code. To call the operator, dial the "Operator call" code. 2. Calling using your personal directory "Personal directory Programmed Off-hook programming" function numeric key code 3.
  • Page 7: Handling Several Calls

    Handling several calls During a conversation, you can perform various operations such as call a second person or transfer the call to another number, etc. 1. Calling a second correspondent (enquiry call) The first correspondent is placed on hold Dial directly Cancelling the enquiry call You recover the first call...
  • Page 8: Switching Between Calls (Broker Call)

    3. Switching between calls (broker call) You are in conversation and another call is on hold. To switch from one call to the other: Broker call 4. Transferring a call To transfer a call to another terminal during a conversation: Number of Hang up terminal to receive...
  • Page 9: Customizing Your Telephone

    Customizing your telephone 1. Programming your personal code The code of your terminal is 0000 by default. To select or change your personal code: Code of the Enter the new Enter the "Change personal code present code code" function 2. Programming your personal directory Your personal directory contains up to 12 numbers (0 to 9, * and #).
  • Page 10: Selecting Your Ringer Tune

    3. Selecting your ringer tune Terminal idle: Select the ringer Adjust the volume from the 16 options (successive presses) To confirm...
  • Page 11: While You Are Away - When You Return

    While you are away - When you return 1. Forwarding your calls to another number (immediate forward) Hang up Destination number 2. Forwarding your calls to the voice mail Hang up No. of recorded Code of type message of forward 3.
  • Page 12: Consulting Your Messages On Your Return

    4. Consulting your messages on your return The light indicates that messages have been received. • Call-back requests The voice guide Automatic call- signals that call- back bakck requests have been received Off-hook Messages The call-back message is erased when the number is called back, even if the correspondent does not answer.
  • Page 13 If you use your telephone near an electronic source emitting a high level of electromagnetic radiation, you may hear a slightly audible modulation in the earpiece. Conformity: this telephone is designed to be connected to an Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise PABX. It is classed SELV within the meaning assigned by standard NF EN 60950.
  • Page 14 Copyright © ALCATEL 2002. All rights reserved. Alcatel Business Systems, in keeping with its policy of constant product improvement for the customer, reserves the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. ALCATEL - 32, avenue Kléber, F-92707 Colombes Cedex R.C.
  • Page 15 The availability of some of the functions described in this guide may depend on your system version or configuration. If you are in doubt, consult your system supervisor. We suggest that you consult the corresponding user manual for more detailed information on your telephone.