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Chapter 1 Introduction - Hitachi Accuvue HM-4721-D User Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Hitachi HM-4721-D /
HM-4787-D color monitor. This manual tells you what you need
to know to install and use the monitor.
The New Hitachi HM-4721-D/ HM-4787-D Color Monitor:
A : Displays High resolution
I-W-4787-D : 1600 x 1200/70Hz pixels and less flicker images.
B : Has CRT (43% dark tint) high brightness, contrast and color accuracy.
C : Enhances dot pitch (Horizontal: 0.22mm, Vertical: 0.16mml
brightness and color purity.
D : Has Microprocessor based Front Controls for easy set-up.
E : Offers wider range of horizontal scanning frequencies
(HM-4721-D: 30-95 kHz/ HM-4787-D : 30-87 161~).
F : Has 10 video timings addresses (include 4 preset timings/HM4721-D,
3 preset timings/HM-4787-D 1 for storing various resolutions.
G : Meets the Swedish MPR-II standards for low magnetic and electric
H : Has an lNVAR*' bright shadow mask and A-EADF** sharp electron
gun for clear and sharp image display.
I : Has Power Save mode for saving electricity.
Complies with the EPA Energy Star Program and NLJTEK requirement.
J : Complies with the VESA DDC 1/2B.
to HM-4721-D: 1600 x 1200/75Hz,
E - 5



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