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Bosch AutoDome Mounting Manual

Wall, corner, mast (pole), roof (parapet), pipe.
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and EnviroDome
Mounting Guide
Wall, Corner, Mast (Pole),
Roof (Parapet), Pipe
Installation Manual
Security you can rely on


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  • Page 1

    ® ® AutoDome and EnviroDome Mounting Guide Wall, Corner, Mast (Pole), Roof (Parapet), Pipe Installation Manual Security you can rely on...

  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    11. Safety Check - Upon completion of any service or repairs Office, Washington, DC 20402, Stock No. 004-000-00345-4. to this unit, ask the service technician to perform safety checks to determine that the unit is in proper operating condition. © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 2 of 24...

  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    IEC Publication 227 or IEC Publication 245. conformes aux versions les plus récentes de la publication 227 de la C.I.E. ou à la publication 245 de la C.I.E. © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 3 of 24...

  • Page 4: Precauciones De Seguridad

    50 Hz, de entrada y de salida, deben cumplir con las Version der IEC Vorschriften, Veröffentlichung 227 oder 245, erfüllen. versiones mas recientes de la publicación IEC 227 ó la Publicación IEC 245. © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 4 of 24...

  • Page 5

    IEC (ingresso e uscita) alle versioni più recenti della pubblicazione publicatie 227 of IEC publicatie 245. IEC 227 o IEC 245. © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 5 of 24...

  • Page 6

    Os cabos de alimentação 220-240 V, 50 HZ , entrada ou saída, devem z ostatnią wersją publikacji nr 227 lub 245 IEC. estar de acordo com as ultimas versões do IEC Publicação 227 ou do IEC Publicação 245. © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 6 of 24...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    1 DESCRIPTION ......7 This section details mounting of the AutoDome Pendant Arm 2 UNPACKING ......8 using the Wall, Corner and Mast mounts.

  • Page 8: Unpacking

    If any items are missing, notify your 4.1.2. Use only liquid-tight fittings or liquid-tight conduit fit- Bosch Sales Representative or Customer Service tings in the two (2) holes in the back of the back/wall Representative.

  • Page 9: Securing The Wall Plate To The Wall (or Corner Plate To A Corner, Or Mast Plate To A Mast)

    75 cm (30-inches) beyond the plate to allow slack when feeding the cable through the arm. Wall Plate NOTES: If using the Alarms on the AutoDome, trim the wires ν for the Alarm connections in the same manner as above.

  • Page 10: Installing And Wiring The Pendant Box

    4.3.3. If installing the 120/230 VAC version, follow these NOTE: When the AutoTracker option is installed, since it uses instructions for wiring: RS-232 for control of the AutoDome camera, these connections Remove the SIGNAL and POWER connectors from the may not be used for external control.

  • Page 11: Connecting The Pendant Arm To The Box

    *If the internal slide switch (see FIGURE 1, at left), is EnviroDome - 24 VAC Heater ® set for RS-485 operation, then RXD function as DATA Figure 1 (+), and TXD functions as DATA (–). © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 11 of 24...

  • Page 12

    NORMALLY CLOSED ALARM INPUT #3 ALARM INPUT #4 Figure 2 4.5.5. Lift the AutoDome into the Pendant Arm and align the notch on the AutoDome with the notch on the side of the pendant arm (see PHOTO 4M). Align Notches...

  • Page 13: Section B

    Pipe to Dome Cap 303 3092 003 Kits w/Transformer or Fiber Optics parapet vertical walls. Used for all Philips’ AutoDome systems up include one of the following: to a rated load of 29 kg (64 lb), these mounts are made of light- •...

  • Page 14: Tools Required

    If a snug fit is not possible, any liquid-tight ⁄ -inch conduit fitting 5.2.10.Connect the CONTROL and POWER connectors to may be used instead. the board. © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 14 of 24...

  • Page 15: Mounting Of Pipe And Roof MOUNTING HARDWARE Photo 5D Power Supply Enclosure Mounting hardware has not been included, as it must be selected to work with the type of wall to which the unit will be mounted. © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 15 of 24...

  • Page 16

    Pipe Arm i. Make all electrical connections. In some installations, lift- ing of the pipe arm may be required for the AutoDome to clear the top of the wall when it is swung into position. Be Wall Mount...

  • Page 17: Attaching The Dome Apply the Teflon tape (provided) to the pipe threads as shown in PHOTO 5F. Eyehook 8-Pin Alarm 9-Pin Control Connector Connector Photo 5H Photo 5F Applying Teflon Tape to the Pipe © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 17 of 24...

  • Page 18

    Align the Dome Lift the AutoDome into the Dome Cap and align the notch on the AutoDome with the notch on the side of the Dome Cap, (as shown in PHOTO 5I). Twist the dome counterclockwise until it stops turn- ing (approximately a 90°...

  • Page 19: Wiring Chart

    Appendix A APPENDIX A Power Wiring Guide AutoDome Power Wiring Connections Refer to the following diagram to ensure proper wiring of the EnviroDome. If using the ENV-PSU for power, use the THREE WIRE POWER distances identified below. WARNING: Failure to correctly wire the power to the EnviroDome could result in malfunction of the heater.

  • Page 20: Specifications & Dimensions

    Figure 8 LTC 9541/01 Mast (Pole) Mount Plate ENV-PA0 (24 V) Wall Mount – 120/60 Hz & 230/50 Hz 133.4 133.4 5.25 5.25 219.1 8.63 Figure 7 LTC 9542/01 Corner Mount Plate © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 20 of 24...

  • Page 21

    111 Typ Ø 10.4 4.37 0.41 Square 10.00 16.0 Typ 0.63 Hole pattern to 279.4 match that of 11.00 Wall Mount, LTC 9230/00 14.88 6.35 0.25 Figure 10 LTC 9230/01 Roof Mount © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 21 of 24...

  • Page 22: Service Parts

    Fuse, XF105, (120 VAC) T1.6A 302 8085 019 Fuse, XF105, (230 VAC) T630 mA 302 8085 014 Fuse, XF106, (Both Models) F1.6A 303 3894 018 Fuse, XF107, (Both Models) F2.0A 303 3894 019 © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 22 of 24...

  • Page 23

    © 2003 Bosch Security Systems Page 23 of 24...

  • Page 24

    Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 850 Greenfield Road Lancaster, PA 17601 U.S.A. Tel: 1-866-CCTV REP Fax: 1-717-735-6560 Bosch Security Systems B.V. P.O. Box 80002, 5600 JB Eindhoven The Netherlands Tel: 31 40 278 1222 Fax: 31 40 278 6668 Bosch Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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