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Whirlpool PROW 0612IIM Installation And Maintenance Manual page 25

Washing machine tumble dryer
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Connecting to vent duct
The vent hose must follow the shortest, straigh-
test path possible from the tumble dryer to the
vent duct. Cut the vent hose to length if it is
too long. If necessary the vent hose can be ex-
tended to a maximum length of 8 metres (inter-
nal diameter 102 mm). If a longer hose is requi-
red it must have a larger internal diameter in
order to maintain the fan capacity of the dryer.
Any bends should be as gentle as possible. If
it is necessary to make 90º bends there must be
no more than four of them. More bends reduce
the fan capacity of the dryer.
Examples of
Installation 1 or 2 is to prefer.
Condensation problems
If the hose is long and the room is cold, con-
densation will form inside the hose. This is una-
Installation in warm climates
When installing in temperatures above 25°C
(77°F) with a high level of humidity, do not
route the air exhaust hose upwards.
The hose must always run downwards or stay
level with the tumble dryer.
If the vent hose is taken to a wall outlet you can
prevent cold air getting in by fitting a ventila-
tion grille. The ventilation grille can be instal-
led inside or outside.
Vent grille
If there is only one vent duct from the room
then a vent spacer must be fitted.
Vent spacer

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Table of Contents

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