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Adjusting The Feet - Whirlpool PROW 0612IIM Installation And Maintenance Manual

Washing machine tumble dryer
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Fit the stacking kit as follows:
1. Unscrew the two arrowed screws at the rear
of the washing machine.
2. Fit the metal brackets as shown, using the
3. The plastic cups that will hold the front feet
of the tumble dryer must be attached to the top
of the washing machine. This is important since
the feet of the tumble dryer must be located in
the plastic cups to ensure that the dryer is cor-
rectly positioned.
Break tab A off the cup that goes on the right
side and break tab B
off the cup that goes
on the left side. Then
peel the backing paper off
the self-adhesive base of
the cups.
4. Position the plastic cups so that the arrowed lugs
are flush with the front
and side of the top, then
press down onto the top.
Now break off the re-
maining tabs.
5. Open the knock-out
holes on the back of the
tumble dryer (where pre-
sent) with the aid of a
hammer and screwdriver.
They must not be fully
removed, just opened!
6. Slide the tumble dryer
under the metal brackets,
keeping the front edge rai-
sed 1–2 cm.
7. Lower the front feet of the
dryer into the plastic cups and
adjust the feet so that the dry-
er is level.


Screw the feet in or out until the dryer is
steady and level
on the floor or
washing machi-
Locking nut
ne. Then tighten
the locking nuts.

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Table of Contents

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