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Dry Suction; Manual Mode; Operating Instructions - Kärcher ECO TEA NT 361 Operating Instructions Manual

Karcher vacuum cleaner user manual
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Operating Instructions

Dry suction

Manual mode

During vacuuming it is not
permitted to ever remove the flat
pleated filter.
A paper filter bag or a diaphragm
filter (special accessories) can
additionally be used to vacuum
fine dust.
Fitting the paper filter bag
! Unlock and remove the suction
! Attach the paper filter bag
! Replace the suction head and
lock it in place
NT 361 Eco TEA / NT 611 Eco TEA
! Insert power plug
! Switch unit to manual
operation (1)
! Turn on unit (2) and start
operating it
Automatic operation with
a pneumatic and/or a
power tool
! Switch unit to automatic
operation (2)
! Plug power tool's power plug
into vacuum cleaner (3) or
connect pneumatic tool (4) and
open compressed air supply
! Switch on the machine (1)
— The vacuum cleaner is
automatically started and
stopped when the power toool
is turned on and off.
— The vacuum cleaner has a
starter delay of up to 0,5 s and
an after-running time of
up to 15 s.
— See page – technical data - for
connected performance data of
the tools.
Adapt connecting sleeve to tool
! Remove the pipe bend from the
suction hose
! Install the connection sleeve to
the suction hose



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