Dry Suction; Manual Mode; Operating Instructions - Kärcher NT 561 Eco Package Craftsmen Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions

Dry suction

Manual mode

During vacuuming it is not
permitted to ever remove the flat
pleated filter.
A paper filter bag or a diaphragm
filter (special accessories) can
additionally be used to vacuum
fine dust.
Fitting the paper filter bag
! Unlock and remove the suction
! Attach the paper filter bag
! Replace the suction head and
lock it in place
NT 561 Eco Package Craftsmen
! Insert power plug
! Switch on the machine and
start using it
Adapt the connection sleeve to the
electric tool's terminal connection.
! Remove the pipe bend from the
suction hose
! Install the connection sleeve to
the suction hose
! Connect the connection sleeve
to the electric tool
Filter de-duster
Power Filter Clean
Your vacuum cleaner is provided
with a new type of filter cleaner –
especially effective for fine dust.
The flat pleated filter is
automatically cleaned (pulsing
sound) by an air blast if you press
the remote control at the hand grip
for several seconds