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Barcode Scanner; Configuring The Scanner; Using The Scanner - Philips SpeechMike Classic Installation And User Manual

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SpeechMike Classic Barcode Installation and User Manual

Barcode Scanner

The SpeechMike Classic Barcode has a built-in bar code scanner that can be
programmed to suit the application you are using. The scanner is connected to the PC
via the USB interface. The scanner supports the following standards: EAN, UPC, Code
128, Code 39, Code 93, 2 out of 5 family, Codabar, Code 11, MSI Code and Interleaved

Configuring the scanner

Your SpeechMike Classic Barcode is preconfigured with the keyboard language US
English and the suffix "carriage return" (CR). Before using the Barcode Scanner for the
first time, it is necessary to adapt it to your local keyboard language. This must normally
be carried out once only.
To change the scanner configuration, call up the scanner configuration program
Barcodeconfig.exe on the SpeechMike Classic CD. With this application, you can
easily change the keyboard language, prefix, suffix and beep tones.
For more information on adapting the barcode scanner to your individual needs, consult
the 6294 Barcode Integration Guide on the CD.

Using the scanner

The barcode scanner is activated by pressing the scanner trigger button. The device will
scan for 3 seconds each time the trigger is depressed. When the barcode has been
scanned successfully, the device will beep and the numbers and letters of the barcode
are inserted into the currently active application.
Each time a code is scanned, the code is inserted into the active application with a
prefix and a suffix. This prefix and suffix can be adapted to your needs (text or keyboard
command) by using the scanner configuration program Barcodeconfig.exe on the
SpeechMike Classic installation CD. The default suffix is a carriage return (CR).
Installing the microphone holder
Clean the mounting location carefully, for example with alcohol, and let dry. Remove the
protective film from the adhesive strip on the back of the microphone holder and affix to
the cleaned location.



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