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Philips SC2001 Service Manual
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Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Service Manual
Light based hair removal
- This product meets the requirements regarding
interference suppression on radio and TV.
- After the product has been repaired, it should function
properly and has to meet the safety requirements as
offi cially laid down at this moment.
Published by Philips Consumer Lifestyle
- Rated voltage
- Rated frequency
- Rated input
- Protection against electric shock Class II Q
- Protection rating IP 30 (EN 60529)
- Operating conditions Temperature
- Relative humidity
- Storage conditions Temperature
- Relative humidity
- Intense pulsed light lamp Spectrum :  570 nm
- Lithium-ion battery
- Product size : Length : 230 mm
- No specifi c issues
- No specifi c issues
OPTIONAL (accessories)
- No specifi c issues
Printed in the Netherlands
Width : 70 mm
Height : 145 mm
Weight : 550 g
© Copyright reserved
: 100 V - 240 V
: 50 Hz - 60 Hz
: 7.5 W
:  15 °C to  35 °C
: 25 % to 75 %
: 0° C to  60 °C
: 5 % to 95 %
: 2 x 3.7 Volt
1100 mAh
Subject to modification



Summary of Contents for Philips SC2001

  • Page 1 Weight : 550 g ASSEMBLY & DISASSEMBLY ADVICE - No specifi c issues REPAIR INSTRUCTION - No specifi c issues OPTIONAL (accessories) - No specifi c issues Published by Philips Consumer Lifestyle Printed in the Netherlands © Copyright reserved Subject to modification 10/02...
  • Page 2: Exploded View And Parts List

    EXPLODED VIEW & PARTS LIST SC2001/00 Service code Description 4203 035 86860 Recessed window Assy 4203 035 86870 Pouch 4203 035 60221 Adapter W Eu 4203 035 60231 Adapter GB (not shown) = changed 2-12...
  • Page 3 11. Do I need to wear safety goggles? - No. It is not necessary to wear safety goggles. This is because Philips Lumea has a safety feature that ensures that a fl ash can only be released when the product is fully in contact with your skin.
  • Page 4 13. How long do I have to charge the appliance? - It will take up to 1.5 hours to charge the appliance fully. The quick charge function recharges Philips Lumea to 80% within one hour in case you want to continue your treatment sooner.
  • Page 5: Preparing For Use

    fi ve treatments. If you do not shave and clean the areas you want to treat properly you may increase the risk of the occurrence of skin reactions such as rednessand/or discoloration. 28. Is it necessary to continue using Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system every two (or four) weeks when I have reached an almost fully hair-free result? - Yes, it is.
  • Page 6 Care Center in your country, your Philips dealer or a Philips service centre. 31. Why am I not able to release a fl ash while Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system is still turned on (the cooling fan is working)? - Check that you have placed the appliance properly on your skin.
  • Page 7: During Use

    - First, check whether the device is suitable for you by referring to the “Skin and Hair type” table on the packaging, in the Quick Start Guide or user manual. Philips Lumea is suitable for most women, except those with skin type VI (characteristics) and women whose body hair color is gray, red, light blond or white.
  • Page 8: After Use

    - All types of tanning - exposure to natural sunlight as well as artifi cial tanning methods such as tanning lotions, tanning appliances etc. - may cause skin reactions after the treatment with Philips Lumea. Perform a skin test on the area you intend to treat in order to determine the appropriate light intensity for you.
  • Page 9 - It is normal for some hairs to still be visible after the fi rst few treatments. - If you have used Philips Lumea more than 5 times but hairs are still visible, it is possible that you may have selected an intensity lower than the one recommended for your skin and hair type.
  • Page 10 Ad) PREPARING FOR USE 61. Is there anything I need to pay attention to before I use Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system for the fi rst time? - When you use the appliance for the fi rst time, we recommend that you to perform a skin test on the area you want to treat.
  • Page 11 63. Do I need to purchase additional replacement lamps? - Based on consumer research and to be able to deliver upon our simplicity promise, Philips decided to use a specifi c lamp type which does not require replacement - as most other IPL appliances do. The lamp used is one which is specifi cally designed for Philips Lumea only.
  • Page 12 69. Can I share the device with friends and family? - We strongly recommend not sharing the device with anyone and keeping it for personal use only. Philips Lumeas has been designed for one person usage. Use by more than one person can affect the lifetime of the device.

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