Philips LFH5276 User Manual
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User manual
Manuel de l'utilisateur
Classic / Pro / Pure / Barcode
Manual del usuario
Manuale di istruzioni
LFH 5250
LFH 5260
LFH 5262
LFH 5270
LFH 5272
LFH 5274
LFH 5276
LFH 5282
LFH 5284


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  • Page 1 Classic / Pro / Pure / Barcode LFH 5250 LFH 5260 LFH 5262 LFH 5270 LFH 5272 LFH 5274 LFH 5276 LFH 5282 LFH 5284 For product information and support, visit Manual del usuario User manual Gebruikershandleiding Benutzerhandbuch Manuale di istruzioni Manuel de l‘utilisateur Användarhandbok...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    User manual Welcome What’s in the box Important Safety 2.1.1 SpeechMike Barcode Disposal of your old product Get started System requirements Installation Advanced configuration SpeechMike Pro 5274 SpeechMike Pro Plus 5276 SpeechMike Classic 5260 / 5262 SpeechMike Classic Plus 5270 / 5272 SpeechMike Pure 5250 SpeechMike Barcode 5282 / 5284 Overview...
  • Page 4: En User Manual

    Important Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! Safety To fully benefi t from the service that Philips • To avoid short circuit, do not expose the off ers, visit our Website for support information product to rain or water.
  • Page 5: Disposal Of Your Old Product

    A Caution Get started Do not try to open the unit. Allow only authorized service technicians to repair the unit. Use of controls, adjustments or performance System requirements of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous laser light exposure. •...
  • Page 6: Advanced Configuration

    Connect the USB plug of the SpeechMike to a free USB port. Start the Device Control Center by opening the Windows start menu and selecting Programs > Philips Speech Control > Philips Device Control Center. Change the button functions according to your preferences.
  • Page 7: Speechmike Pro 5274

    EOL (end-of-letter)/Priority Insert/Overwrite Fast forward Fast rewind Play / Pause Trackball Left mouse button Right mouse button Scroll wheel F1-F4: programmable function keys (LFH5276 only) PLUS SpeechMike Pro Speaker Trigger button Left mouse button Front view Rear view User manual...
  • Page 8: Speechmike Classic 5260 / 5262

    SpeechMike Classic 5260 / 5262 SpeechMike Classic Plus 5270 / 5272 Microphone Philips version LFH5260/5270 Slide switch Record LED • Fast forward • Play Instruction LED Insert/Over- • Stop • Fast rewind write LED Record Insert/Overwrite Instruction International EOL (end-of-letter)/ version Priority LFH5262/5272 Slide switch • Record...
  • Page 9: Speechmike Pure 5250

    SpeechMike Pure 5250 Microphone Record LED Instruction LED Insert/Overwrite LED PLAY Insert/Overwrite Instruction EOL (end-of-letter)/ Philips version Priority LFH5250 PLAY Slide switch • Fast forward • Play • Stop • Fast rewind SpeechMike Pure Record SpeechMike Pure Speaker Programmable function buttons Front view Rear view User manual...
  • Page 10: Speechmike Barcode 5282 / 5284

    SpeechMike Barcode 5282 / 5284 Overview Configure the barcode scanner For information about the buttons on the front side of the SpeechMike, refer to the chapter for The SpeechMike barcode scanner is pre- the SpeechMike Pro or SpeechMike Classic. configured with the keyboard language US English and the suffix “carriage return”...
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    Using the Philips SpeechMike together with manufactured to the highest quality standards. certain USB hubs may cause the operating If your Philips product is not working correctly system to stop responding when the PC is or is defective, contact your supplying Philips started.
  • Page 12: Technical Data

    5 • Discrete 2 of 5 Disclaimer and Notices Laser class Philips performs extensive testing with the most • Class 1 laser product popular configurations. However, since PC add- ons and device drivers are updated continually, conflict-free operation cannot be guaranteed.
  • Page 13: Declaration Of Conformity

    LFH 5250, LFH 5260, LFH 5262, LFH 5270, LFH 5272, LFH 5274, LFH 5276, LFH 5282, LFH 5284 Trade Name: SpeechMike Classic, SpeechMike Pro, SpeechMike Pure, SpeechMike Barcode Responsible Party: Philips Speech Processing Address: 64 Perimeter Center East, Atlanta, GA 30346, USA...
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