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Phone feature
Soft key buttons
Navigation buttons
Messages button
Hold button
Set-up button
Mute button
Volume button
Headset button
Speaker button
0800 040 8888
v1 - 06/13
Press a soft key button to perform the action shown on the label on the LCD screen.
Note: The Cisco SPA501G has the following four buttons:
Redial— dials the last number called.
Cancel— cancels an action (such as a transfer).
Conference— While on a call, press this button to start a conference call and dial another
number. After the second party answers, press 'Conference' again to begin
number. After the second party answers, press 'Conference' again to begin
the conference.
Transfer— While on a call, press to transfer, then dial the number to which to transfer.
Press 'Transfer' again to transfer the call.
Press 'Transfer' again to transfer the call.
Press an arrow to scroll left, right, up, or down through items shown on the LCD screen. (Not
available on the Cisco SPA501G.)
Press to access voicemail (must be set up by your phone system administrator).
Press to place a call on hold.
Press to access a menu to confi gure features and preferences (such as your directory and speed
dials), access your call history and set up functions (such as call forwarding). The Cisco SPA501G
accesses the Interactive Voice Response menu, which allows you to perform tasks like getting the
IP address of the phone. See the User Guide documents on for more information.
The 'Where to go from here' section contains links to the documentation area on
Press to mute or unmute the phone. When phone is muted, the button glows red. A fl ashing mute
button indicates the network connection cannot be found.
Press '+' to increase the volume and '-' to lower the volume of the handset, headset, speaker
(when the receiver is off the hook), or ringer volume (when the receiver is in place).
Push to turn the headset on or off. When the headset is on, the button glows green.
Push to turn the speaker on or off. When the speaker is on, the button glows green.
Use to dial phone numbers, enter letters and choose menu items.
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