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Hitachi CM 12Y Handling Instructions Manual

Hitachi CM 12Y Handling Instructions Manual

Disk cutter


CM 12Y
Read through carefully and understand these instructions before use.



Summary of Contents for Hitachi CM 12Y

  • Page 1 DISC CUTTER !"#$% CM 12Y HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS !" Read through carefully and understand these instructions before use. !"#$%&...
  • Page 2 17 mm 6 mm 43Z 7 mm...
  • Page 3 Dust collector hose Hose Wheel washer (B) Wheel washer (C) Spindle Bolt Diamond wheel Knob Tighten Loosen Lock pin Wrench Pipe handle Work piece Premarked line Wear limit No. of carbon brush Usual carbon brush Auto-stop carbon brush...
  • Page 4: General Operational Precautions

    They also spark when switching ON/OFF. Never or attachment recommended in these handling use power tools in dangerous sites containing instructions or in the HITACHI catalog. lacquer, paint, benzine, thinner, gasoline, gases, Let only the authorized service center do the adhesive agents, and other materials which are repairing.
  • Page 5: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Voltage (by areas)* (110V, 115V, 120V, 127V, 220V, 230V, 240V) Power input* 2400W No-load speed 5000/min Outer dia. 305mm Dimensions of diamond wheel Thickness 2.0mm Hole dia. 22.2mm/20mm Max. cutting depth 100mm Weight (without cord and diamond wheel) 11.5kg *Be sure to check the nameplate on product as it is subject to change by areas.
  • Page 6: Installing Dust Collection Hose

    diamond wheel. Never use to perform inclination INSTALLING DUST COLLECTION HOSE cutting. If excessive force is applied to the diamond wheel When cutting a material which generates cutting dust, to make it align with the premarked line during use the dust collection hose as follows: cutting, this might not only overload the motor and (1) Remove the rubber cab and install the accessory cause burn damage but may also overheat the...
  • Page 7 6. Replacing a carbon brush: Disassemble the brush cap with a minus-head screwdriver. The carbon brush can then be easily removed. NOTE Due to HITACHI’s continuing program of reserch and development, the specifications herein are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Page 8 °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C ° C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C °C...
  • Page 9 °C...
  • Page 10 °C °C °C...
  • Page 16 Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. Code No. C99072731 N Printed in Japan...