Black & Decker BDCS36G Original Instructions Manual

Black & Decker BDCS36G Original Instructions Manual

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  • Page 1 BDCS36G...
  • Page 3: Intended Use

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Intended use 2. Electrical safety a. Power tool plugs must match the Your Black & Decker screwdriver has been outlet. Never modify the plug in any designed for screwdriving applications. This way. Do not use any adapter plugs with tool is intended for consumer use only.
  • Page 4 ENGLISH (Original instructions) 3. Personal safety f. Dress properly. Do not wear loose a. Stay alert, watch what you are doing clothing or jewellery. Keep your hair, and use common sense when clothing and gloves away from moving operating a power tool. Do not use a parts.
  • Page 5 (Original instructions) ENGLISH e. Maintain power tools. Check for c. When battery pack is not in use, keep it misalignment or binding of moving away from other metal objects, like parts, breakage of parts and any other paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws, condition that may affect the power or other small metal objects, that can tools operation.
  • Page 6: Residual Risks

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) Residual risks. Hold power tool by insulated gripping surfaces when performing an operation Additional residual risks may arise when using where the fastener may contact hidden the tool which may not be included in the wiring. Fasteners contacting a "live" wire enclosed safety warnings.
  • Page 7: Additional Safety Instructions For Bat- Teries And Chargers

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Warning! The vibration emission value during Charge only using the charger provided actual use of the power tool can differ from with the tool. the declared value depending on the ways in When disposing of batteries, follow the which the tool is used.
  • Page 8 ENGLISH (Original instructions) Assembly Electrical safety Warning! Before assembly, remove the bat- Your charger is double insu- tery from the tool. lated; therefore no earth wire is required. Always check that Fitting and removing a screwdriver bit the mains voltage corresponds or socket (fig.
  • Page 9: Low Battery Indicator

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH The charger may hum and become warm When the LED work light (4) illuminates while charging; this is normal and does not the tool is ready for use. indicate a problem. To reset initial starting point first release Warning! Do not charge the battery at ambi- the motion control activator (1).
  • Page 10: Automatic Shut-Off

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) Maintenance Rotate the tool anti-clockwise and the screwdriver will activate in the reverse Your Black & Decker tool has been designed direction. to operate over a long period of time with Note: The speed of the tool is determined by a minimum of maintenance.
  • Page 11 (Original instructions) ENGLISH Batteries Separate collection of used products and packaging allows Run the battery down completely, materials to be recycled and used then remove it from the tool. again. Re-use of recycled materials helps NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries are prevent environmental pollution recyclable.
  • Page 12: Technical Data

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) EC declaration of conformity Technical data MACHINERY DIRECTIVE BDCS36G (H1) Voltage No-load speed Max. torque BDCS36G (PTI Rating) Li-Ion Battery type Black & Decker declares that these products Battery capacity described under "technical data" are in Weight...
  • Page 13 (Original instructions) ENGLISH Guarantee To claim on the guarantee, you will need to submit proof of purchase to the seller or an Black & Decker is confident of the quality of its authorised repair agent. You can check the products and offers an outstanding guarantee. location of your nearest authorised repair This guarantee statement is in addition to and agent by contacting your local Black &...
  • Page 15 ENGLISH Do not forget to register your product! Register your product online at or send your name, surname and product code to Black & Decker in your country.
  • Page 16 Australia Black & Decker (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Tel. 03-8720 5100 20 Fletcher Road, Mooroolbark, Fax 03-9727 5940 Victoria, 3138 New Zealand Black & Decker Tel. +64 9 259 1133 5 Te Apunga Place Fax +64 9 259 1122 Mt Wellington Auckland 1060 United Kingdom Black &...

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