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Miele CVA 4062 Installation Instructions Manual page 5

Built-in coffee machines
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Sugar can damage the appliance!
Caramelized or otherwise pre-treated
coffee beans or other sugar containing
beverages must not be put in the
Never place a cup with an
alcohol-coffee mixture underneath the
main dispenser. Plastic parts of the unit
could catch fire!
The hot water and steam dispensed
could cause scalding. These functions
must be used carefully. Never hold any
parts of the body under the steam
nozzle or the hot water dispenser. The
machine must never be used to clean
Never use a steam cleaner to clean
the appliance. Pressurized steam could
damage electrical components and
cause a short circuit.
Clean the coffee system daily to
prevent bacterial growth. All parts of
the coffee system are dishwasher-safe
except for the brew unit, bean
container, stainless-steel milk container
and lid, and main dispenser cover.
Failure to properly maintain machine
may cause health issues.
Be aware of how long milk in stored
in the milk container. If milk is not
continually cooled it can readily spoil
causing illness. Be sure the milk
container and pipework are properly
cleaned and maintained. See "Cleaning
and Care" for more information.
To avoid injuries allow the coffee
system to cool before cleaning or
putting on and taking off parts. Turn the
machine off at the main switch when
not in use and before cleaning.
The appliance must be descaled
regularly with the supplied descaling
tablets. In areas with very hard water
the machine may need to be descaled
more often.
Only use the descaling tablets
provided by Miele. Take care to use the
correct mixture of water and descaler,
otherwise it may cause damage.
Depending on the oil content of the
coffee, the brew unit may clog. Clean
the brew unit every 200 cups with a
cleaning tablet. The display shows a
reminder message.
Dispose of the coffee waste in a
trash can, not in the sink. The sink
could get clogged.
Do not hang, lean, sit or place heavy
items on the door. The machine could
be damaged.
The use of accessory attachments
not recommended by the appliance
manufacturer may result in fire, electric
shock or injury to persons.
The appliance is designed for use
in room temperatures between 59°F
and 140°F (15°C and 60°C). Do not use
the appliance outside of this range of



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