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Miele CVA 4062 Installation Instructions Manual page 8

Built-in coffee machines
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Make sure power is not supplied to
the appliance while installation or
maintenance work is performed.
Disconnect the power supply to the
work area by unplugging the unit,
tripping the circuit breaker or
removing the fuse. The coffee
system must be installed into
cabinetry before being used.
This unit should only be used in
room temperatures ranging between
59 °F and 140 °F.
To align the appliance door flush with
the kitchen cabinetry, there must be a
sealing strip around the installation
recess; otherwise, a sealing strip must
be put in place around the appliance.
^ If there is no sealing strip around the
installation recess, stick the Miele
sealing strip onto the appliance from
the back before putting it into the
recess. Sealing strips are available
from Miele.
^ Unscrew the height adjustable feet
on the underside of the machine
about 1/16" (2 mm).
^ Push the appliance all the way back
into the cabinet and center it. If
necessary level the unit with the four
height adjustable feet.
The feet can be turned out up to 3/8"
(10 mm).
^ Plug the appliance into the electrical



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