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Electrical - STA-RITE 60 CYCLE C Series Owner's Manual

60 cycle “c” and “cc” series centrifugal pumps for swimming pool use
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Hazardous voltage.
Can shock, burn,
or cause death.
Ground pump before
connecting to
power supply.


Disconnect power at service panel before connecting motor.
Ground motor before connecting to electrical power supply.
Failure to ground motor can cause severe or fatal electrical
shock hazard.
Do not ground to a gas supply line.
To avoid dangerous or fatal electrical shock, turn OFF power to motor
before working on electrical connections.
Supply voltage must be within ±10% of nameplate voltage. Incorrect
voltage can cause fire or seriously damage motor and voids warranty.
If in doubt consult a licensed electrician.
Use wire size specified in Wiring Chart. If possible, connect pump to a
separate branch circuit with no other appliances on it.
Single phase motors come factory wired for 230 volt operation. Do not alter
wiring in single phase motors. Match motor voltage to power supply voltage.
Do not connect three phase motors to single phase power supply or single
phase motors to three phase power supply.
All electrical wiring, grounding, and bonding must be done by a licensed
electrical contractor who is familiar with commercial swimming pool installa-
tions and electrical codes and requirements. Wire sizing, wire type, branch
circuit fuse protection, motor starter, control equipment, and related items
must meet National Electrical Code and local code requirements.
1. Install, ground, wire and maintain this pump in accordance with your local
electrical code and all other codes and ordinances that apply. Consult your
local building inspector for local code information.
2. Ground the pump permanently using a wire of size and type specified by
local or National Electrical Code.
Do not ground to a gas supply line.
3. Connect ground wire first. Connect to ground first, then to green grounding
terminal provided (identified as GRD or
this terminal. Do not connect motor to electrical power supply until unit is
permanently grounded; otherwise serious or fatal electrical shock hazard
may be caused.
4. For best ground connection, connect ground wire to a grounded lead in the
service panel.
Bond motor to pool structure according to local or National Electrical Code.
Use a solid copper conductor, size No. 8 (6.0 mm
). Make ground connection to
) AWG or larger.

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