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Service - STA-RITE 60 CYCLE C Series Owner's Manual

60 cycle “c” and “cc” series centrifugal pumps for swimming pool use
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NOTICE: BE SURE you do not scratch seal face.
6. Dispose of cardboard washer and recheck seal face to be sure it is free of
dirt, foreign particles, scratches and grease.
7. Inspect shaft and shaft sleeve to be sure they are clean.
8. Re-install O-Ring, shaft sleeve and slinger (Key No. 2) on shaft.
NOTICE: A small amount of grease or Never-Seez under shaft sleeve will
help prevent shaft and sleeve from freezing together when pump is in ser-
9. Remount adapter/seal plate to motor, being careful not to scratch seal face.
10. Sparingly apply liquid soap to inside diameter and outside face of rubber
drive ring on rotating half of seal.
11. Slide seal assembly onto shaft sleeve (sealing face first) far enough so that
seal spring is located on shaft sleeve.
NOTICE: Be careful not to nick carbon seal face when passing it over end
of shaft sleeve.
12. Slide impeller and gaskets (Key Nos. 12 and 11 in Exploded View,
Page 14) onto shaft with key (Key No. 3) in position. Be sure to maintain
proper order as shown on Page 14.
13. Install washer, gaskets, and impeller screw (Key Nos. 13, 14, 15, and 16)
on end of shaft and tighten screw until it is snug. This should locate seal in
place and bring seal faces together.
14. Reinstall motor, adapter and impeller assembly (Key Nos. 1, 5, and 12) on
volute, using new gasket (Key No. 8).
15. Reinstall motor hold-down bolts.
16. Check all bolts for tightness.
17. Close drains; open system valves to fill pump.
18. When pump is full, close vent.
19. Reconnect power to pump and system is ready for operation.
Before removing strainer cover, close isolation valves
and open air release valve in filter and release
all pressure.
pressure and
risk of flooding
NOTICE: Do not allow strainer to freeze.
Always close isolation valves before working on the system.
If system will be shut down for one day or more, close isolation valves and
drain strainer and system to prevent corrosion.
Remove cover to allow interior to dry out when storing for the season. When
interior is dry, replace cover.
Remove drain plug when storing for season. Leave plug out until system is
restarted the following season.
To remove strainer cover, unscrew wing nuts. If necessary, use a wrench on
flats when removing wing nuts.

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