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Uncrating And Inspection; Installation - STA-RITE 60 CYCLE C Series Owner's Manual

60 cycle “c” and “cc” series centrifugal pumps for swimming pool use
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Handle with care.
Check items received against packing list to be sure that all equipment has
been received.
Inspect for shipping damage. If found, file claim with carrier immediately.
Clean up all trash and other materials which will interfere with installation
from foundation and surrounding area.
For easy assembly, make sure all threaded joints and mating surfaces are
clean. If necessary, clean with wire brush and solvent.
To reduce danger of explosion and fire, do not use gasoline as a
cleaning solvent.
Remove all foreign material (packing, etc.) from pump and strainer.


Only qualified, licensed personnel should install pump and wiring.
Foundation must:
Be Solid - Level - Rigid - Vibration free.
Be provided with necessary hold-down bolts, washers, and shims.
Allow pump inlet to be as close to water level as possible.
Use short, direct suction pipe (to reduce friction losses).
Locate pump below pool water level (pump is not self priming).
Allow for shutoff valves in suction and discharge piping.
Have adequate floor drainage to prevent flooding.
Be protected from excess moisture.
Allow adequate access and include suction and discharge (isolation) valves
for servicing pump and piping.
Pump suction is hazardous and can trap and drown or disem-
bowel bathers. Do not use or allow anyone else to use a pool, spa, or hot tub
unless it has at least two suction outlets to each pump suction line (see
"Outlets Per Pump," Page 5). Do not use or operate swimming pools, spas,
or hot tubs if a suction outlet cover is missing, broken, or loose. Follow the
guidelines below for a pump installation which minimizes risk to users of
pools, spas, and hot tubs.
Entrapment Protection
The pump suction system must provide protection against the hazard of
suction entrapment or hair entrapment/entanglement.
Suction Outlet Covers
All suction outlet covers must be maintained. They must be replaced if
cracked, broken, or missing.
See Page 5 for outlet cover certification requirements.
All suction outlets must have correctly installed, screw-fastened covers in

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