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Synchronization Syt-9 (operating Mode Takt); Synchronization In Operating Mode Qtm (1a); Software Synchronization (operating Mode Takt) - AEG THYRO-A Operating Instructions Manual

Thyristor power controller.
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6.1 Synchronization SYT-9 (operating mode TAKT)

SYT-9 is a process for static load optimization. It minimizes main load peaks and
associated mains reaction shares. Set points and load changes are not automatically
included in mains load optimization.
The SYT-9 process requires an additional component. It can also be employed in
connection with controllers already installed of type Thyro-P. Then the pulse must be
connected to terminal X2.7 and the +5V for the SYT-9 card must be connected to
The operating mode TAKT contains a high pulse frequency (AN1  30°el for ohmic
load, T
= 5 supply periods) as well as a low pulse frequency (T
= 50 supply
The low pulse frequency is also suitable for switching transformers and is activated
independently at phase angle Œ 30°el.
Only in this operating mode is the input X2:7 scanned. Is a pulse recognised, the
Power Controller switches onand the pulse time T
applies from here.
The impulse is switched by the Synchrotakt component via an optoelectronic coupler.
Energy comes from its own controller X2.8.
Please observe the operating instructions of the SYT-9 component.

6.2 Synchronization in operating mode QTM (1A)

In the QTM operating mode a synchronization of 2-12 controllers is possible.
The operating mode QTM works in rapid half-wave frequency with a pattern of swit-
ched and locked half waves at particular intervals  1 sec, also designated as T
achieve a balance in supply from the outset (not after T
) the individual controllers
synchronize themselves by staggering by one supply period. With the first connec-
ted controller the SYT input X2.7 is jumped to +5V X2.8.
The following controllers receive their impulses at X2.7 from sync. output X2.6 of the
previous controller. With the last controller X2.6 remains free (series connection).
This synchronization method is only possible with Thyro-A (refer to Fig. 9).

6.3 Software synchronization (operating mode TAKT)

The application of an optional bus module activates the software synchronization.


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