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Current Limitations; Increased Analog Output - AEG THYRO-A Operating Instructions Manual

Thyristor power controller.
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3.2.3 Current limitations

Potentiometer R203 enables the load current to be limited to a given value. Default
setting: nominal current as on type plate.
At reduced ambient temperature the controller can be operated with up to 110% of
its nominal current (effective value).
Analog output (setting guide)
5,5 V / 11.0mA = 200% - values Π110% are limited to 110%
V / 10.0mA = 100%
2.5 V / 5.0mA = 50%
1.25V / 2.5mA = 25%
The permissible peak currents are derived from the fuse layout.
See type table and text: definitions and dimensions of Thyristor Power Controllers.
If the limit has been reached, the red LEDs blink in 1 sec. intervals.

3.2.4 Increased analog output

The analog output is adjusted to 0-20mA. 20mA corresponds to the actual r.m.s. cur-
rent which corresponds to the maximum permissible current of the Power Controller.
It is possible to adapt with potentiometer R204, e.g. if the scaling does not corres-
pond to the nominal data or the output is set to voltage reading. The increase can
be set to between 0 and 2.
Analog output (setting guide)
10 V
/ 20.0mA =
5 V or
10.0mA =
2.0V or
4.0mA =
With voltage display the factor 1 corresponds to 110% of the type nominal voltage.
With output display (H RLP) with Thyro-A 1A the analog output signal corresponds to
* I
* 1.2.
With output display (H RLP) with Thyro-A 2A the analog output signal corresponds
to the total output of both power paths: Type power * 2 (type power according to
Table 9.1).
Control characteristic and limitation P
(enlarged by a factor of 1.2 to permit full drive at 10% overvoltage).
e.g. for 50A scale of a 100A device
see previous table
e.g. for 100A scale of a 40A device
work with U
* I
* √3


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