Additional Control Voltage Input; Analog Set Point Value Input; Digital Set Point Value Input - AEG THYRO-A Operating Instructions Manual

Thyristor power controller
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4.3 Additional control voltage input

The Thyristor Power Controller Thyro-A is equipped with an additional 24V a.c./d.c.
power supply input (X11.1 and X11.2
If required, the control device can additionally be supplied with 24V a.c. or d.c.,
when operating with bus, for instance, or with voltages below the tolerance
(e.g. with undervoltage of a 440V supply with a 500V Thyro-A).
When in operation with SELV, the 24V supply must be ungrounded. For EMV rea-
sons a connection with the control ground is not permitted. Several Thyro-A devices
can be operated from a 24V supply. The input is reverse protected. The connection
output for the control device is ca. 2W (5VA) with Thyro-A 1A or 4W (10VA) with
Thyro-A 2A per controller.
The 24V connecting lines must be fuse protected under valid regulations. A soldered
1A fuse protects the device should internal short circuits occur.
4.4 Pulse lock
The pulse lock (PULSE INHIBIT; terminals X2.1 - X2.2 1.5mm
by opening the pulse-lock bridge, i.e. the power section is no longer triggered. If the
pulse lock is activated the LED "PULSE INHIBIT" lights up red. A mains outage sets
off the pulse lock internally.
It is imperative to use the pulse lock with transformer load in order to activate the
Soft Start function. It may only then be released when there is a voltage supply to the
power section. With Thyro-A 2A the pulse lock is only wired to the master (L1, left).
The contact for actuating the pulse lock must be light-duty

4.5 Analog set point value input

The set point value input (terminal X2: 3 ground - X2:4 + 1.5mm
suitable for process controllers with output signals of 0(4) - 20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V.

4.6 Digital set point value input

Under particular conditions terminal X2.7 can be used as additional digital "set
point value input" (24V d.c.) so that, for instance, Thyro-A can be triggered by a
2-point regulator. Further information is available on this in chapter 3.2.1.
1. 5mm
grid 3.5).
, grid 3.5) is activated
grid 3.5) is

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