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Thyristor power controller
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The TAKT operating mode creates minimal mains reactions. Should there be a
flicker, this can be minimized with the aid of the mains load optimization.
Phase-angle principle VAR (for 1A)
Depending on the prescribed set point, the sine oscillation of the mains voltage is
gated using a larger or smaller control angle . This operating mode is characteri-
zed by high control dynamics. With phase-angle control harmonics of the mains
voltage occur. It is possible to compensate these by using circuit variants.
Half-wave switch mode QTM (Quick-Takt-Mode for 1A)
QTM is the patented fast operating mode which works on the half wave switch prin-
ciple. Depending on the prescribed set point, mains half waves are switched. D.c.
components are avoided for the phase duration. The fast phase control is particular-
ly suited for IR beams as an alternative to phase-angle control. When using several
controllers it is possible, by synchronisation, to keep the mains reactions small.

2.2 Set point control characteristic

The set point control characteristic of Thyro-A can easily be adapted to the control
output signal of an upstream process controller or automation system. All signals
customary on the market may be used. The adaption is made by changing the
starting and ending points of the control characteristic.
Fig. 1 Control characteristic
1,6 k
1,4 k
1,0 k
1,2 k
0,8 k
0,6 k
0,4 k

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Table of Contents

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