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Outdoor Unit Installation - Whirlpool AMD 310 Instructions For Use Manual

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1. Install Drain Port and Drain Hose (for heat-pump
model only)
The condensate drains from the outdoor unit when the
unit operates in heating mode. In order not to disturb
your neighbours and protect the environment, install a
drain port and a drain hose to direct the condensate
water. Just install the drain port and rubber washer on
the chassis of the outdoor unit, then connect a drain
hose to the port as shown in the figure on the right .
2. Install and Fix Outdoor Unit
Fix with bolts and nuts tightly on a flat and strong floor.
If installed on the wall or roof, make sure to fix the supporter well to prevent it from shaking due to
serious vibration or strong wind.
3. Outdoor Unit Piping Connection
• Remove the valve caps from the 2-way and 3-way valve.
• Connect the pipes to the 2-way and 3-way valves separately according to the required torque.
4. Outdoor Unit Cable Connection (see previous page)
Air purging
Air containing moisture remaining in the refrigeration cycle may cause a malfunction on the compressor.
After connecting the indoor and outdoor units, evacuate air and moisture from refrigerant cycle using a
vacuum pump, as shown below.
Note: Because the system pressure is high and also to protect the environment, be sure not to discharge
the refrigerant to the air directly.
Service port
(2) Turn
(8) Tighten
Vacuum pump
r u n i t
I n d o o
Refrigerant flow direction
3-way valve
(7) Turn to fully
open the valve
(1) Turn
Valve cap
Drain port
3-way valve diagram
Connect to outdoor unit
Valve core
2-way valve
(6) Open 1/4 turn
(7) Turn to fully open the valve
(8) Tighten
Drain hose
(prepare by user)
Connect to indoor unit
Open position
Service port cap
Valve cap
(1) Turn
(8) Tighten

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