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Safeguarding The Environment - Whirlpool AMD 310 Instructions For Use Manual

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Please strictly follow the below instructions:
• Long and direct exposure to cool air might be
harmful to health. It is advisable to set the
louvers in order to avoid direct cool air and
deflect it within the room.
• Upon malfunctioning first turn the appliance off
by pressing the ON/OFF button on the remote
control, then disconnect it from power supply.
• Do not switch the appliance on and off too often
as this can damage the appliance.


• This appliance has been made of recyclable or
re-usable material. Scrapping must be carried
out in compliance with local waste disposal
regulations. Before scrapping it, make sure to
cut off the mains cord so that the appliance
cannot be re-used.
• For more detailed information on handling and
recycling of this product, contact your local
authorities who deal with the separate collection
of rubbish or the shop where you bought the
• The packaging can be 100% recycled as
confirmed by the recycling symbol
various parts of the packaging must not be
dispersed in the environment, but must be
scrapped in line with local authority regulations.
• Do not place any objects on the outdoor unit.
• Disconnect the air conditioner from the power
supply if it is to be left unused for a long period
of time or during a thunder/lightning storm.
• This product contains Fluorinated Greenhouse
Gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol, the
refrigerant gas being in a hermetically sealed
system. Refrigerant gas: R410a has a Global
Warming Potential (GWP) 1975.
• This appliance is marked according to the
European Directive 2002/96/EC, Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
• By ensuring that this product is disposed of
correctly, you will help to prevent potentially
negative consequences for the environment and
for human health.
• The symbol
documents accompanying the product indicates
that this appliance should not be treated as
household waste, but must be given to the
appropriate local gathering place where electric
. The
and electronic appliances are stored and
on the product or on the

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