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Before Using The Appliance; Safety Precautions - Whirlpool AMD 310 Instructions For Use Manual

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To make the most out of your new appliance,
please read the user instructions carefully and keep
them handy for future consultation.
Before using the appliance please follow and
set according to the below indications:
Remote Control (RC) presetting:
Each time the batteries are replaced in the remote
control, the RC is pre-set on Heat pump.
If the air conditioner that you purchased is a
cooling only, then the pre-set on Heat pump will
not bring any changes.


• The Installation and service/repair must be
performed by a qualified technician, in
compliance with the producer's instructions and
following local safety norms. Do not repair or
replace any parts of the appliance unless it is
specifically written in the user instructions.
• Do not pull the power supply cord to remove it
from the socket. Do not twist or press the
power supply cord, and make sure it is not
• Do not touch the power plug, circuit breaker
and emergency button when your hands are
Auto-Restart presetting Function:
To set the auto-restart function, press the
Emergency button (ON/OFF) on the indoor unit
for at least 5 seconds.
A buzz sound will signal that the auto-restart
function is set and the air conditioner is in standby.
To cancel the auto-restart function, repeat the
above steps.
• Do not insert your fingers or foreign substances
into the air inlet/outlet of indoor&outdoor unit.
• Never block the air inlet or outlet of indoor and
outdoor unit.
• Physically or mentally disabled people, children
and people without any experience with the
product are only allowed to use the appliance if
they have had specific training on how to
operate the appliance by a person responsible
for their security and well-being. The appliance
is not intended for use by disabled people and
very young children without supervision.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance (including
remote control).

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