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Vizualogic 2007 Wrangler Installation Manual page 4

Headrest monitor and dvd system for 07-09 wrangler
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DVD Headrest
13. Gently pry off the plastic Fascia Panel that's in front of
the gear shifter and just below the lower bank of switches
as shown. A thin straight slot screwdriver works well.
Pry from the top corners only.
14. Remove the two center dashboard fasteners located
directly behind the Fascia Panel using a 7mm or 9/32 Nut
(Figure 9)
15. Route the System Power Harness underneath the cen-
ter console and towards dash.
16. Disconnect the driver side Auxiliary Power Outlet
plug and pull down passenger side power outlet.
*But Do NOT Unplug.
17. Route the power harness ( the Red, Yellow and Black
wires ) from the control module and underneath the seat
slider; through the center console and out the opening just
below the Auxiliary Power Outlets. Locate the three red
wire harness taps for the next procedure. Note how wire
taps are installed but do NOT attach wire taps at this
(Figure 10 & 11)
For additional copies of these in-
structions please visit our website
for a downloadable PDF Version.
18. Begin attaching wire tap connectors to the proper
wires. There are 3 wires to connect.
a. Attach a wire tap connector to the ( RED with GREEN
stripe ) wire at the passenger side auxiliary power outlet
and connect the YELLOW wire from the power harness as
shown to the wire tap.
b. Attach a wire tap connector to the ( BLACK with
WHITE stripe) wire at the passenger side Auxiliary Power
Outlet plug and connect the BLACK wire from the power
harness to the wire tap as shown.
Page 4
A-1250™ & A-1150™
"JK" Wrangler Installation Instructions
(Figure 8)
(Figures 10 & 14)
(Figures 12 & 14)
Figure 8
Gently Pry
Figure 9
Driver Side Aux
Power Outlet
Remove Bolts
Figure 10
Wire Tap
Figure 11
Crimp with Pliers
Fascia Panel
Passenger Side
Aux Power Outlet
Route Wires
Through Dash



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