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Vizualogic 2007 Wrangler Installation Manual page 2

Headrest monitor and dvd system for 07-09 wrangler
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Be sure to read this entire instruction sheet AND the Vizualogic instruction sheet before beginning your installation. This sheet
outlines the installation of a Vizualogic brand DVD Headrest Kit into a 2007 or newer Jeep Wrangler. These instructions are intended
to assist with the installation process and by no means replace the Vizualogic installation manual.
Tools Required:
• Torx
T30 driver (for center console fasteners)
• 7mm or 9/32 nut driver (for dash fascia panel fasteners)
• Screwdriver – straight slot (to pry dash fascia panel snaps)
• Pliers (to crimp wire taps)
1. Recline both front seats to allow room to remove
both front seat headrests. With the headrests erected,
press both side releases buttons as shown.
2. We suggest that you save the removed front seat
headrests. Do not discard.
3. Disconnect the upholstery channels on both seats.
This can be somewhat strenuous so proceed with care.
(Figure 2)
4. Carefully insert video monitor cables through headrest
guide posts according to the manufacturer's installation
manual. Route the cables down the seat back and exit the
cables next to the center console. Install the DVD Head-
rests into the guide posts in the high position and remove
the slack in the cable. Not too tight here. Remember that
headrest need to freely adjust up and down.
5. Remove the four torx head fasteners (size T30) that se-
cure the center console to the vehicle's floor. There are two
bolts at the rear of the center console (left and right) and
two towards the front (left and right). Fastener removal al-
lows the console to be lifted upwards a few inches to
neatly tuck away the monitor cables and other system
wiring inside the console's shell.
Page 2
A-1250™ & A-1150™
DVD Headrest
"JK" Wrangler Installation Instructions
(Figure 1)
(Figure 2A)
(Figure 3)
Figure 1
Recline Seat
Figure 2
Carefully Disconnect
Upholstery Channels
Upholstery Channels
Hook Together Between
Seat Back and Pad
Figure 2A
Figure 3
Press to Release
Carefully Route Cables
Through Headrest
Guide Posts
Remove All 4 T30
Torx Head Bolts



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