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Vizualogic A-1285/6 Owner's Manual

All-in-one headrest monitor/dvd system
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  Summary of Contents for Vizualogic A-1285/6

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ™ Table of conTenTs Important Safety Instructions ...1 Package Content ...2 System Overview ...3 Installation ...4 Cable Connection ...6 IR Remote Control ...8 Touch Menu Screens ...9 System Settings ... 11 Compatible Disc Types ...21 Technical Specification ...23...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Congratulations on your purchase of the Vizualogic RoadTrip RT Series. This system will provide your family with many years of enjoyment. This sophisticated product provides video entertainment to rear seat passengers without altering the appearance of your vehicle’s original interior.
  • Page 4: Package Content

    ™ package content AUX Cable (1) USB Cable (1)
  • Page 5: System Overview

    Vehicle specific all-In-one Kit Includes: • Driver and Passenger side Vizualogic PerfectMatch Headrest with integrated Monitor and DVD Player(s). • DVD and monitor function control via touch screen function. • A/V control module with multi-source capability.
  • Page 6: Installation

    ™ section I - Headrest Installation 1. Remove the factory headrests (Detailed instructions can be found in the vehicle’s service manual. 2. Starting with the driver’s side headrest (Monitor A) insert the mini-din connectors into the driver side headrest post guides. 3.
  • Page 7 section III - system set-up/sub-menu controls Enter the Sub-Menu, touch the “MENU” button on the screen to enter the Sub- Menu. Use the “” and “” buttons to move up and down within the Sub- Menu. Once the desired item has been highlighted, press the “MENU” button until the desired setting is achieved.
  • Page 8: Cable Connection

    ™ single & Dual DVD system 1. Power Button 2. Infrared Transmitter/Power Indicator 3. AUX Jack 4. Headphone Jack 5. Mini USB Port single DVD system only DVD Loader Touch Screen Panel Eject Button SD Card Reader Power Button Power Indicator Infrared Transmitters LCD Touch Screen...
  • Page 9 ™ single & Dual DVD system Monitor 1 Monitor 2 A1285 A1285 poWer ouTpuTs eXTernal a/V InpuT single DVD system only Monitor 1 Monitor 2 A1285 A1286 poWer ouTpuTs eXTernal a/V InpuT...
  • Page 10: Ir Remote Control

    ™ The Ir remote control Point the remote control no more than 3-4 meters (approx. 21 feet) from the remote control sensor on the front of the player. Keep remote within a ± 30˚ angle. Adjust Decrease Adjust Increase Title Eject Number Buttons Clear...
  • Page 11: Touch Menu Screens

    ToucH menu screens Once the unit is connected to the appropriate power source, press the POWER button to power the unit ON. Touch any area of the screen to enter the menu screen. The screen will display as below. Main ...
  • Page 12 ™ Press the AUDIO menu key to enter the AUDIO setup menu. This screen allows you to set the FM modulator settings as well as the IR settings. back Audio fM contro l -this Screen+ fM Source -this Screen+ A-1285 Press the VIDEO menu key to enter the VIDEO setup menu.
  • Page 13: System Settings

    Press SETUP on the Remote Control to enter the system setting menu. Current Item  --G EN ERA L S ETU P P A G E -- Current Item  GOTO GENERAL SETUP PAGE On the Remote Control, press either the  UP or  DOWN or  LEFT or RIGHT arrow buttons to move to the desired menu item and press PLAY to select the menu item.
  • Page 14 ™ - - GE NERAL SET UP PA G E -- TV Display angle Mark OsD language CapTiOns sCreen saVer lasT MeMOry SET ANGLE MARK 4:3LB Allows you to see movies in their original aspect ratio. The entire frame of the movie will be displayed.
  • Page 15 When playing a DVD disc with the Angle option set to ON, the screen will display the angle mark. This will give you the possibility to view multiple angle DVDs. When the Angle option is set to OFF, no angle mark will be displayed.
  • Page 16 ™ - - AUDIO SE TUP PA G E- - analOg auDiO seTup equalizer 3D prOCessing hDCD GOTO AUDIO SETUP PAGE Press enTer to enter the Analog Audio setup page. The next page will be shown: - - AN ALO G A UDIO SETU P PAG E-- DOWnMix lT/rT sTereO...
  • Page 17 - - 3D P ROCESSI NG PA G E-- prO lOgiC ii COnCerT reVers MODe liVing rOOM hall baThrOOM CaVe arena ChurCh REVERB MODE Select 3D processInG to setup your preferred 3D mode. Press play to enter this selection and to set up your preferred Audio mode for a better surround effect.
  • Page 18 ™ CO LOR SETT ING S E T U P sharpness brighTness COnTrasT gaMMa nOne saTuraTiOn luMa Delay BRIGHTNESS You can set the Brightness to your liking. Press enTer or the  rIGHT arrow to enter the brightness control, then press the  up or  DoWn arrow to adjust the image.
  • Page 19 CO L OR SET TI NG SE T U P sharpness brighTness COnTrasT gaMMa nOne saTuraTiOn luMa Delay hue iiiiiiiiiiiiii...0 You can set the Hue (for NTSC) to your liking. Press enTer or the  rIGHT arrow to enter the Hue control, then press the ...
  • Page 20 ™ - - PR EF EREN CE PAG E - - TV Type 1- kiD SAf 2- g 3- Pg parenTal 4- Pg 13 DefaulT 5- Pg r 6- r 7- nc 17 8- ADult SET PARENTAL CONTROL set age control Grade: For DVD discs with a rating system programmed (North America CARA) parents can prohibit watching content that might be...
  • Page 21 EXIT SETUP MENU mp3 / mpeG4 playbacK The Vizualogic RoadTrip RT Series DVD Player is able to play CD-R/CD-RW recorded with MP3/MPEG4 audio and video files. When a disc with MP3 or MPEG4 files (including multiple directories) is loaded in the system the following screen will display.
  • Page 22: Play Mode

    ™ play mode: There are five (5) play modes available when playing MP3/MPEG4 (.AV1) recorded discs: SINGLE - All the songs / videos will be played only once. REPEAT ONE - The current playing song / video will be repeated. REPEAT FOLDER - Only the songs / videos of the current folder will be repeated.
  • Page 23: Compatible Disc Types

    Vizualogic RoadTrip RT Series. The Vizualogic RoadTrip RT Series incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method of claims of certain U.S. patents and other Intellectual Property Rights owned by their rights owners. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.
  • Page 24 ™...
  • Page 25: Technical Specification

    TecHnIcal specIfIcaTIons Specifications: Multimedia player supports: DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, SVCD, MP3 and JPG picture disks. MPEG4 support: DivX 3.11/4.02/5.02/5.03/5.05 DivX Pro/Subtitles .srt .sub Electronic Shock Protection (ESP) and Mechanical Shock Protection PAL/NTSC compatible Multi Lingual On Screen Display (OSD) Integrated Dome Lights with Door Sensor Connections A/V input via RCA connectors USB Connector...
  • Page 26 ™...
  • Page 27 ™...
  • Page 28 Vizualogic customers. Due to e-1 regulations pertaining to fm modulation in aftermarket mobile electronics products, the following changes have been made for all Vizualogic headrest kits shipped to europe: - The systems will be shipped with the default set to fm modulator off.

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