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Klutch ST200i Owner's Manual page 4

Dc only inverter stick welder
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1.3 Use of Your Welder
Do not operate the welder if the output cable, electrode, torch, wire or wire feed system is wet. Do
not immerse them in water. These components and the welder must be completely dry before
attempting to use them.
-Follow the instructions in this manual.
-Keep welder in the off position when not in use.
-Connect ground lead as close to the area being welded as possible to ensure a good ground.
-Do not allow any body part to come in contact with the welding wire if you are in contact with the
material being welded, ground or electrode from another welder.
-Do not weld if you are in an awkward position. Always have a secure stance while welding to
prevent accidents. Wear a safety harness if working above ground.
-Do not drape cables over or around your body.
-Wear a full coverage helmet with appropriate shade (see ANSI Z87.1 safety standard) and safety
glasses while welding.
-Wear proper gloves and protective clothing to prevent your skin from being exposed to hot metals,
UV and IR rays.
-Do not overuse or overheat your welder. Allow proper cooling time between duty cycles.
-Keep hands and fingers away from moving parts and stay away from the drive rolls.
-Do not point torch at any body part of yourself or anyone else.
-Always use this welder in the rated duty cycle to prevent excessive heat and failure.
1.4 Specific Areas of Danger, Caution or Warning
Electrical Shock
Electric arc welders can produce a shock that can cause injury or death. Touching
electrically live parts can cause fatal shocks and severe burns. While welding, all metal
components connected to the wire are electrically hot. Poor ground connections are a hazard, so
secure the ground lead before welding.
-Wear dry protective apparel: coat, shirt, gloves and insulated footwear.
-Insulate yourself from the work piece. Avoid contacting the work piece or ground.
- Do not attempt to repair or maintain the welder while the power is on.
-Inspect all cables and cords for any exposed wire and replace immediately if found.
-Use only recommended replacement cables and cords.
-Always attach ground clamp to the work piece or work table as close to the weld area as possible.
-Do not touch the welding wire and the ground or grounded work piece at the same time.
-Do not use a welder to thaw frozen pipes.
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