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Klutch ST200i Owner's Manual page 5

Dc only inverter stick welder
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Fumes and Gases
-Fumes emitted from the welding process displace clean air and can result in injury or
-Do not breathe in fumes emitted by the welding process. Make sure your breathing air is clean and
-Work only in a well-ventilated area or use a ventilation device to remove welding fumes from the
environment where you will be working.
-Do not weld on coated materials (galvanized, cadmium plated or containing zinc, mercury or
barium). They will emit harmful fumes that are dangerous to breathe. If necessary use a ventilator,
respirator with air supply or remove the coating from the material in the weld area.
-The fumes emitted from some metals when heated are extremely toxic. Refer to the material safety
data sheet for the manufacturer's instructions.
-Do not weld near materials that will emit toxic fumes when heated. Vapors from cleaners, sprays
and degreasers can be highly toxic when heated.
UV and IR Arc Rays
The welding arc produces ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays that can cause injury to
your eyes and skin. Do not look at the welding arc without proper eye protection.
-Always use a helmet that covers your full face from the neck to top of head and to the back of each
-Use a lens that meets ANSI standards and safety glasses. For welders under 160 Amps output,
use a shade 10 lens; for above 160 Amps, use a shade 12. Refer to the ANSI standard Z87.1 for
more information.
-Cover all bare skin areas exposed to the arc with protective clothing and shoes. Flame-retardant
cloth or leather shirts, coats, pants or coveralls are available for protection.
-Use screens or other barriers to protect other people from the arc rays emitted from your welding.
-Warn people in your welding area when you are going to strike an arc so they can protect
Fire Hazards
Do not weld on containers or pipes that contain or have had flammable, gaseous or liquid
combustibles in them. Welding creates sparks and heat that can ignite flammable and
explosive materials.
-Do not operate any electric arc welder in areas where flammable or explosive materials are
-Remove all flammable materials within 35 feet of the welding arc. If removal is not possible, tightly
cover them with fireproof covers.
-Take precautions to ensure that flying sparks do not cause fires or explosions in hidden areas,
cracks or areas you cannot see.
-Keep a fire extinguisher close in the case of fire.
-Wear garments that are oil-free with no pockets or cuffs that will collect sparks.
-Do not have on your person any items that are combustible, such as lighters or matches.
-Keep work lead connected as close to the weld area as possible to prevent any unknown,
unintended paths of electrical current from causing electrical shock and fire hazards.
-To prevent any unintended arcs, cut wire back to ¼" stick out after welding.
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