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Klutch ST200i Owner's Manual page 6

Dc only inverter stick welder
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Hot Materials
Welded materials are hot and can cause severe burns if handled
-Do not touch welded materials with bare hands.
-Do not touch MIG gun nozzle after welding until it has had time to cool down.
Sparks/Flying Debris
Welding creates hot sparks that can cause injury. Chipping slag off welds creates flying
-Wear protective apparel at all times: ANSI-approved safety glasses or shield, welder's hat and ear
plugs to keep sparks out of ears and hair.
Electromagnetic Field
-Electromagnetic fields can interfere with various electrical and electronic devices such as
-Consult your doctor before using any electric arc welder or cutting device
-Keep people with pacemakers away from your welding area when welding.
-Do not wrap cable around your body while welding.
-Wrap MIG gun and ground cable together whenever possible.
-Keep MIG gun and ground cables on the same side of your body.
Shielding Gas Cylinders Can Explode
High pressure cylinders can explode if damaged, so treat them carefully.
-Never expose cylinders to high heat, sparks, open flames, mechanical shocks or arcs.
-Do not touch cylinder with MIG gun.
-Do not weld on the cylinder
-Always secure cylinder upright to a cart or stationary object.
-Keep cylinders away from welding or electrical circuits.
-Use the proper regulators, gas hose and fittings for the specific application.
-Do not look into the valve when opening it.
-Use protective cylinder cap whenever possible
1.5 Proper Care, Maintenance and Repair
-Always have power disconnected when working on internal components.
- Do not touch or handle PC board without being properly grounded with a wrist strap. Put PC board
in static proof bag to move or ship.
-Do not put hands or fingers near moving parts such as drive rolls of fan
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