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Ground Clamp Connection; Selecting The Proper Electrode - Klutch ST200i Owner's Manual

Dc only inverter stick welder
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Clear any dirt, rust, scale, oil or paint on the ground clamp. Make certain you have a good solid
ground connection. A poor connection at the ground clamp will waste power and heat. Make sure
the ground clamp touches the metal.
The welding electrode is a rod coated with a layer of flux. When welding, electrical current flows
between the electrode (rod) and the grounded metal work piece. The intense heat of the arc
between the rod and the grounded metal melts the electrode and the flux. For best performance on
this unit, we suggest the use of 6013 electrodes.


There is no golden rule that determine the exact rod or heat setting required for every situation. The
type and thickness of metal and the position of the work piece determine the electrode type and the
amount of heat needed in the welding process. Heavier and thicker metals required more
amperage. It is best to practice your welds on scrap metal which matches the metal you intend to
work with to determine correct heat setting and electrode choice. See the following helpful trouble
shooting tips to determine if you are using a correct electrode.
7.1. When proper rod is used:
7.1.a. The bead will lay smoothly over the work without ragged edges
7.1.b. The base metal puddle will be as deep as the bead that rises above it
7.1.c. The welding operation will make a crackling sound similar to the sound of eggs frying
7.2. When a rod too small is used;
7.2. a. The bead will be high and irregular
7.2. b. The arc will be difficult to maintain
7.3. When the rod is too large
7.3. a. The arc will burn through light metals
7.3. b. The bead will undercut the work
7.3. c. The bead will be flat and porous
7.3. d. Rod may be freeze or stick to work piece
Note: Rate of travel over the work also affects the weld. To ensure proper penetration and enough
deposit of rod, the arc must be moved slowly and evenly along the weld seam.
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