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For The User; Heat Pump Control And Operating Principles; First Months Of Use - Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Installation Manual


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For The User

Heat Pump Control and operating principles

The Ecodan air source heat pump system consists of an external box which is fitted to your outside
wall. It harvests renewable, low grade energy from the outdoor air and upgrades this into useful heat
to supply a home with hot water and heating. For every 1kW of electricity fed into Ecodan, you will get
at least 3kW of heating energy.
The outdoor unit is a bit like your fridge in that it has a circuit of factory-sealed copper piping
containing ozone-friendly refrigerant, which is continually compressed and expanded to extract the
free, renewable energy from the air.
Your fridge extracts heat from the box inside (to keep food cold) and rejects it at the back. The air
source heat pump works a bit like this but in reverse in that it extracts heat from the outdoor air and
upgrades it to heat up your hot water supply.
It can work efficiently all year round even if the outdoor temperature should drop to -15ºC.
The Ecodan range of air source heat pump systems have been developed by Mitsubishi Electric
specifically for the UK and bring advanced, inverter-driven technology refined in the commercial
heating sector to your home.
Ecodan in Operation:
Ecodan heat pumps are ideal for use in a variety of house sizes or styles and it's carefully developed
control system is designed to work perfectly to provide hot water to either traditional radiators or under
floor heating systems.
Traditionally heat pumps have been seen as only suitable for under floor heating, however with the
advanced control system of Ecodan and it's ability to provide optimum variable flow temperature
control, radiators can now be easily provided with the hot water they need and prove to be a very
efficient option.
Capacity control in radiator systems, with a fixed flow temperature is controlled by
Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV). These operate by turning the radiators on and
temperature, the radiators will be on 50% of the time and off for the other 50%
of the time.
The Ecodan will vary the flow temperature
automatically, based on the ambient temperature
to keep the house warm.
Operating at these lower flow temperatures
significantly improves efficiency.

First Months of Use

EcoDan Installation Manual Version 1.0 (26/01/09)
Ice Energy Heat Pumps Ltd © 2008
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