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Sentinel X500; Features & Benefits; Dosing & Feeding; X500 Physical Properties - Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Installation Manual

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Sentinel X500

Sentinel X500 is an Inhibited Antifreeze for Central Heating Systems.
Features & Benefits
Suitable for all metals including aluminium
Manufactured under a quality system con-forming to ISO9001
Effective frost protection
Easy to handle
Helps prevent the formation of hydrogen gas
Effectively controls corrosion and scale Application
Sentinel X500 is a multipurpose inhibited anti-freeze formulated to help control corrosion, scale, boiler
noise and hydrogen gassing in all types of indirect heating systems including those containing
aluminium components. If minimum levels are maintained the product ensures a permanent protection
and does not need to be replaced. Sentinel X500 is suitable for use in all waters, both hard and soft.
The low toxicity formulation is colourless and easy to handle.
Dosing & Feeding
The dosage of Sentinel X500 will depend on the level of frost protection required. One 20L pail of
Sentinel X500 added to a typical domestic sys-tem of 8 to 10 radiator panels will provide the minimum
concentration of corrosion and scale inhibitor and also protection from freezing down to approximately
-6°C. Two 20L pails will provide protection to -20°C. Further information is avail-able upon request.
For best results, it is recommended that systems are cleansed and flushed in accordance with
BS7593; new systems and those up to 6 months old with Sentinel X300, existing systems with
Sentinel X400. If the system is already noisy due to lime scale deposits in the heat exchanger,
Sentinel X200 should be added together with Sentinel X500.
Open Systems: Dose via F&E cistern, via a by-pass feeder or use a Sentinel Dosing Vessel.
Sealed Systems: If the system is empty, add to any convenient point before filling. If full, use a
Sentinel Dosing Vessel to inject via the filling loop or other access point.

X500 Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
Odour: Mild slightly sweet
Specific gravity: 1.03 (20°C)
pH in aqueous solution (5%): 7.3 (approx)
Freezing point: -58°C Packaging
5 litre bottle
200 litre plastic drum Safety Precautions
The information provided overleaf enables compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to
Health Regulations Full Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.
EcoDan Installation Manual Version 1.0 (26/01/09)
Ice Energy Heat Pumps Ltd © 2008
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