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Mitsubishi Flow Temperature Controller (Ftc) - Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Installation Manual

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Mitsubishi Flow Temperature Controller (FTC)

Also refer to the Mitsubishi Manual.
The FTC is wall mounted and should be placed near to the cylinder. See 'FTC wiring' installation
details included in the box with External Ecodan Heat Pump.
To allow the home owner to continue to operate both their central heating and hot water time clocking
using a commonly available two-channel controller, we have introduced the Flow Temperature
Controller (FTC) interface.
The FTC will accept signals from a standard "S-Plan" piping configuration and operate the Ecodan in
either a Space or Water heating mode, as required. In a Space Heating mode the FTC will ensure that
Ecodan operates at optimum efficiency, varying the flow temperature to either the radiator or under
floor heating system to meet a homes heating requirements.
In a Water Heating mode the FTC will allow the Ecodan to work with leading brands of water storage
tanks. It is, however, important to consider that the overall performance of the system in Water
Heating mode will be very dependant on the thermal performance of the storage tank's heat
Note: You should always wait at least two days when increasing or decreasing the heating before
making a new adjustment.
EcoDan Installation Manual Version 1.0 (26/01/09)
Ice Energy Heat Pumps Ltd © 2008
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