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Time clock pattern setup
Each channel on the time clock should be programmed to meet the demands
of the home occupier in the most efficient way.
For example
If an owner wakes up in the morning and wants a shower at 7am and the
property takes an hour to raise to the required room temperature then both
channels should be set to 5 am as the vessel will take approximately 1 hour to
achieve temperature before switching to space heating.
If they don't require hot water again until later in the evening then the time
clock should be programmed to heat up approximately one hour prior. This is
the most efficient pattern to use rather than maintaining a high storage
temperature constantly.
If economy 7 tariffs are available then the initial hot water heat up and as
much space heating as possible should programmed to coincide with these
EcoDan Installation Manual Version 1.0 (26/01/09)
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