Follow these easy steps to make the
most of what your Ecodan has to offer


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  • Page 1 Follow these easy steps to make the most of what your Ecodan has to offer
  • Page 2: Outdoor Unit

    Introduction to your new Ecodan Heating System (Air Source Heat Pump) The instructions in this booklet will enable you to quickly personalise your Ecodan heating system. This will ensure your renewable heating system will operate to suit both you and your home.
  • Page 3: Hot Water Cylinder

    Hot water cylinder The Ecodan outdoor unit provides your home with a continuous supply of hot water via a dedicated hot water cylinder. These cylinders are specifically designed to integrate with the outdoor unit and offer optimum performance and faster heat up times through the use of advanced plate heat exchanger technology.
  • Page 4 Main remote controller To change the settings of your heating system please use the main controller located on the front panel of the cylinder unit or on a wall. The following is a quick guide to viewing the main settings. Should you require more information please refer to the instruction booklet included with the cylinder.
  • Page 5 Main screen icons This display screen highlights all the functions available on your contoller. Please see below an explanation of each icon. Controller Display Settings No. Name Function Legionella prevention When this icon is displayed Legionella prevention mode is active. Heat pump ‘Heat Pump’...
  • Page 6: General Operation

    General Operation Simple temperature adjustment To adjust temperatures for your heating outside of the schedule. Press F2 to lower the temperature. Press F3 to raise the temperature. This can all be completed on the main display screen. Turning on priority hot water and heating From the main homescreen, press F4 to display the Options screen To activate forced hot water press F1...
  • Page 7 Holiday mode To set up holiday mode, hold down the power / holiday button on the bottom right of the control. Set the dates you are away and ensure the clock is showing by pressing F1. Finally press the tick button to confirm your date selection.
  • Page 8 Save Energy, Save Money How to operate your system efficiently The Ecodan provides water at a lower temperature than the gas or oil fired boiler you may be used to. This means that you may notice some differences between this system and ones you have used before.
  • Page 9 Energy monitoring When the homescreen is displayed, press F4 to take you to the Options Screen. This will display the energy monitoring figures on the far right as shown in the image. The top battery symbol shows you the total electrical energy consumption. The bottom battery symbol shows the total heat energy produced.
  • Page 10: Changing Date And Time

    When ‘Date/Time’ is highlighted then press CONFIRM to edit. Use the relevant function keys to edit each initial setting then press CONFIRM to save the setting. To return to the main settings menu press the BACK button. Ecodan FTC - Guide
  • Page 11 Hours of the day are shown as a bar across the main part of the screen. Where the bar is solid black, heating/DHW (whichever is selected) is allowed. Ecodan FTC - Programming hot water and heating timings
  • Page 12 01610 866 6064 protection this FREE cover offers. Easily pair your Ecodan to the internet via its wi-fi adaptor, download the MELCloud app and enjoy remote control & monitoring of your Ecodan at home or on the move from Scan QR Code or visit your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following is to be used as a guide to possible problems. It is not exhaustive and all serious problems should be investigated by the installer or another competent person. Users should not attempt to repair the system themselves. At no time should the system be operating with the safety devices by-passed or blocked up.
  • Page 14 ‘Smoke’ is blown from the front of the Ecodan in cold weather This is warm air being blown from the Ecodan to ensure the internal parts don’t freeze. It is known as the defrost cycle: Normal operation, no action necessary.
  • Page 15 Notes...
  • Page 16 Note: The fuse rating is for guidance only. Please refer to the relevant databook for detailed specification. It is the responsibility of a qualified electrician/electrical engineer to select the correct cable size and fuse rating based on current regulation and site specific conditions. Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning equipment and heat pump systems contain a fluorinated greenhouse gas, R410A (GWP:2088), R32 (GWP:675), R407C (GWP:1774), R134a (GWP:1430), R513A (GWP:631), R454B (GWP:466), R1234ze...

Table of Contents