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Internal Wiring - Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Installation Manual

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Internal Wiring

A qualified part P certified Electrician is required to install the power supply
Nominal current draw ~ 10.3A heating, Maximum current draw ~ 23A
Care should be taken to ensure the power supply is weather proof
Supply cable should be either armoured cable, or twin + earth protected in conduit
Power should be isolated locally within 1.5 metres, minimum 3mm contact gap in isolator
An RCD (residual current device) should fitted in the supply to the Ecodan this should have a
tolerance of 30mA or more
The Honeywell S-Plan system will have to be wired to the Honeywell wiring centre as per the
instructions included.
This will include:
Hot Water Zone Valve
Heating Zone Valve
Heating Thermostat
Hot Water Thermostat
Circulating Pump
5 Amp fuse spur supply
The Honeywell wiring center will need a 5 core 1mm² cable run to the intended position of the
Mitsubishi Flow Temperature Controller (FTC).
Where more than one Heat pump is installed we will commission a bespoke controls system called a
step controller, this box will be located near to the hot water cylinder and is approximately the same
size as a consumer unit.
Hot water pasteurisation
In order to reach a temperature of 65 degrees to pasteurise the hot water to reduce the risks of
legionella, we recommend that the immersion heater is wired to a seven day timer and set to come on
once every seven days for approx 1hr to achieve this temperature.
EcoDan Installation Manual Version 1.0 (26/01/09)
Ice Energy Heat Pumps Ltd © 2008
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