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Check Operation; Electronic Ignition System - KitchenAid 30" Freestanding Range Installation Instructions Manual

30" (76.2 cm) sealed burner gas range with self-cleaning thermal/convection oven
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Check operation

Electronic ignition system

Cooktop and oven burners use electronic
ignitors in place of standing pilots. When
a cooktop control knob is turned to the
"LITE" position, the system creates a
spark to light the burner. This sparking
continues until the control knob is turned
to the desired setting.
When the oven control is turned to the
desired setting, a glow bar heats up
bright orange and ignites the gas. No
sparking occurs and the glow bar
remains on while the burners operate.
Check operation of cooktop
Push in and
turn each control knob
to the "LITE" position.
The flame should light
within 4 seconds. The
first time a burner is
lighted it may take
longer than 4 seconds
to light because of air
in gas line.
If burners do not light
properly, turn cooktop control knob to
the "OFF" position. Check that the power
supply cord is plugged in and the circuit
breaker or fuse has not blown. Check that
the gas shutoff valves are set to the
"open" position. Repeat Step 21. If a
burner does not light at this point,
contact your KitchenAid dealer or
authorized service company for
Adjust the height of top burner
flames (some models). Push in and turn
each cooktop control knob from "LITE"
to "LO" setting quickly.
The cooktop "LO" burner
flame should be a steady blue
flame approximately 1/4"
(0.64 cm) high. It can be
adjusted using the
adjustment screw in the
center of the valve stem. The
valve stem is located directly
underneath the control knob.
If the "LO" flame needs to be adjusted:
a. Remove the control knob.
adjustment screw
b. Hold the knob stem with a pair of
pliers. Use a small flat-blade
screwdriver to turn the screw
located in the center of the control
knob stem until the flame is the
proper size.
c. Replace the control knob.
d. Test the flame by turning the
control from "LO" to "HI" , checking
the flame at each setting.
low flame
high flame
Top burner flame appearance
Check operation of oven
Open oven door.
Remove the oven rack. Remove the oven
bottom and place it on a protected
Push the "BAKE" pad and
"350˚F" will appear in the temperature
display. Press the "START" pad. "LO" will
appear in the display; then "170˚F ." The
oven burner should light in 50 to 60
seconds. This delay is normal. The oven
safety valve requires a certain time
before it will open and allow gas to flow.
Electric ignitors are used to light the
oven and broil burners.
Do not insert any object into the opening
of the protective shield that surrounds
the ignitor.
Do not clean the area.
oven rear
oven burner
Check the oven
burner for proper flame. This
flame should have a 1/2"
(1.3 cm) long inner cone of
bluish-green, with an outer
mantle of dark blue, and
should be clean and soft in
character. No yellow tips, blowing or
lifting of flame should occur.
If the oven flame needs to be
adjusted, locate the air shutter near the
center rear of range. Loosen the locking
screw and rotate the air shutter until the
proper flame appears. Tighten locking
oven burner
air shutter
Push "CANCEL/OFF" pad.
Insert oven bottom tabs into slots in oven
burner area. Check that tabs are correctly
placed in slots. If the oven bottom is not
positioned properly, poor baking
performance could occur. Replace oven
air shutter –
rotate to
adjust for
proper flame
oven burner
brass orifice
hood (nut)

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