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Moving The Range - KitchenAid 30" Freestanding Range Installation Instructions Manual

30" (76.2 cm) sealed burner gas range with self-cleaning thermal/convection oven
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Check operation of oven broil
Close the oven door. Press the
"BROIL " pad. "500˚F" will appear in the
temperature display. Press the "START"
pad. The oven broil burner should light in
50 to 60 seconds. This delay is normal.
The oven safety valve requires a certain
time before it will open and allow gas to
flow. The first time broil burner is lighted,
it may take longer to light because of air
in gas line. The first few times burner is
used sparks may appear. This is normal.
NOTE: Oven door must be shut for broil
burner to operate.
Look through oven window to
check broil burner for proper flame. The
flame should have a uniform, light blue
appearance around the burner surface.
No yellow tips, blowing or lifting of the
flame should occur.
NOTE: The first few times the broil
burner is used, yellow sparks may
appear in the flame. This is normal and
will stop after burner has been used a
few times.
If range does not
Check that the circuit breaker is not
tripped or the house fuse blown.
Check that the power supply cord is
plugged into the outlet.
Check that gas line is turned on.
See Use and Care Guide for
troubleshooting list.
Press the "CANCEL/OFF" pad. If
the broil burner flame needs adjustment,
contact your KitchenAid dealer or
authorized service company for
Insert storage drawer into slide
rails on sides of drawer opening. Lift
front of drawer slightly and push firmly
to close drawer.
L.P . gas conversion
No attempt shall be made to convert the
range from the gas specified on the
model/serial rating plate for use with a
different gas without consulting the
servicing gas supplier. An L.P . Gas
Conversion Kit is included in your
literature package.

Moving the range

Tip Over Hazard
A child or adult can tip the range and
be killed.
Connect anti-tip bracket to rear
range foot.
Reconnect the anti-tip bracket, if the
range is moved.
Failure to follow these instructions can
result in death or serious burns to
children and adults.
When moving range, slide range onto
cardboard or hardboard to prevent
damaging the floor covering.
If removing the range is necessary for
cleaning or maintenance:
1. Remove the storage drawer.
2. Shut off gas supply to the range.
You have just finished installing
your new range. To get the
most efficient use from your
range, read your Use & Care
Guide. Keep Installation
Instructions and Guide close to
range for easy reference. The
instructions will make installing
the range in another home as
easy as the first installation.
3. Disconnect gas.
4. Unplug range or disconnect power.
5. Slide range forward to complete
cleaning or maintenance.
6. Make sure the anti-tip bracket is
• Look for the anti-tip bracket securely
attached to floor.
• Slide range back so rear range foot
is under anti-tip bracket.
range foot
Check that range is level.
8. Reconnect gas line to range and
check for leaks.
9. Plug in range or reconnect power.
10. Reinstall storage drawer.

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