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Check Operation - KitchenAid GAS RANGE Installation Instructions Manual

30" freestanding gas range with standard clean oven
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Check operation
Check operation of cooktop
Push in and turn each surface unit
control knob to "LIGHT" position. The flame
should light within 4 seconds. Turn control
knob to "HI" position after burner lights.
Do Not leave the knob in the "LIGHT"
position after burner lights.
Check each cooktop burner for
proper flame. The small inner cone
should have a very distinct blue
flame l/4' to l/2' long. The outer
cone is not as distinct as the inner
cone. If the flame is noisy or
blowing, it is getting too much air.
If the flame is soft and lazy, it is not
getting enough air. Turn each surface burner
control knob to "OFF" position. Adjust air
shutter if needed.
If pilot light does not stay lit, adjust pilot
adjustment screw (see Step 15, Page 4).
If surface burners need adjusting:
1. Adjust the air shutter for each burner by hand
as needed. Close the air shutter to decrease
the amount of air to the flame. Open the air
shutter to increase the amount of air to the
flame. Adjust the air shutter to the widest
opening that will not cause the flame to lift or
blow off of the burner.
2. Repeat the first part of Step 17 after adjusting
the air shutters.
Check operation of
Open broiler door.
Push in and turn the oven control knob to
"35O'F." The oven pilot should now be larger
with the flame burning against a small metal
bulb. The oven burner should light in 20-40
seconds; this delay is normal. The oven valve
requires a certain time before it will open and
allow gas to flow.
The oven burner will burn until oven
temperature has reached 350°F. At that
temperature, the oven pilot should get smaller.
After 20-40 seconds, the oven burner will begin
to cycle on and off to maintain the 350°F
Check the oven burner
for proper flame. The flame should be
l/2' long, with inner cone of bluish-
areen, and outer mantle of dark blue,
and should be clean and soft in character. No
yellow tips, blowing or lifting of flame should
occur. If burner does not light, check that
the regulator
valve is in the "on"
(see Step 11).
If oven flame needs adjusting:
Locate the air shutter next to the pressure
regulator. Loosen screw and adjust the air
shutter until the proper flame appears. Tighten
Close the broiler door. Turn the oven
control knob to "OFF".
You have just finished installing
your new range. To get the most
efficient use from your range,
read your Use & Care Guide.
Keep Installation Instructions
Guide close to range for easy
reference. The instructions
make installing the range in another
home as easy as the first installation.
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