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Precautions Requiring Particular Attention During Sales Promotion - Hitachi RB 14DSL Technical Data And Service Manual

14.4 v cordless blower
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2. Precautions requiring particular attention during sales promotion

The cordless blower offers many advantages: it can be used in places where no power source is available,
the absence of a cord allows easy use, etc. However, there are certain precautions which require particular
attention. Salespersons must be thoroughly familiar with the following points to properly advise the
customer in the most efficient use of the tool.
A. Suggestions and precautions for efficient use of the tool
(1) Use the cordless blower for comparatively light work.
Because the Model RB 14DSL is battery-operated, the output of the motor in cordless blower is rather
low in comparison with conventional electric power tools. Accordingly, it is not suitable for continuous
blowing in succession which creates a heavy load. Salespersons should recommend conventional
electric power tools for such heavy work.
(2) Do not insert a foreign object into body.
A foreign object inserted through a hole may cause a failure. Please instruct customers to never insert a
foreign object into body.
(3) Avoid "Locking" of the motor.
Locking of the motor will cause an overload current that could result in burning of the motor and/or rapid
deterioration of the battery. Salespersons should advise the customer to immediately release the switch
and stop operation if the motor becomes locked.
(4) Variation in amount of work possible per charge
Although the nominal chargeable capacity of the storage battery used with the Model RB 14DSL is 3.0
Ah, the actual capacity may vary within 10% of that value depending on the ambient temperature during
use and recharging, and the number of times the batteries have been recharged. It should be noted that
other factors which may have a bearing on the amount of work possible per charge are the working
conditions and the operational skill of the user.
B. Suggestions and precautions for efficient use of the charger and the storage battery
Batteries may not be rechargeable immediately after use.
If the storage battery is exposed to direct sunshine for an extended period, of if the temperature of the
battery is 40 °C (104 °F) or higher immediately after it has been used in the tool, the pilot lamp may not light
up when the battery is connected to the Model UC 18YRSL charger. This is because the built-in thermostat
functions to stop the charging when the temperature of the storage battery reaches 40°C (104°F) or higher.
In such a case, the customer should be advised to place the battery in a shaded area with a good airflow,
and allow sufficient cooling before recharging. This phenomenon is common to all existing batteries which
employ temperature sensitive overcharge devices. The cooling time required before charging can be
accomplished varies from a few minutes to about 30 minutes, depending on the load, duration of use, and
ambient temperature.



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