Precautions In Sales Promotion; Safety Instructions - Hitachi RB 14DSL Technical Data And Service Manual

14.4 v cordless blower
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1. Safety instructions

In the interest of promoting the safest and most efficient use of the Model RB 14DSL cordless blower by all of
our customers, it is very important that at the time of sale, the salesperson carefully ensures that the buyer
seriously recognizes the importance of the contents of the Handling Instructions, and fully understands the
meaning of the precautions listed on the caution plate and name plate attached to each tool.
A. Handling instructions
Salespersons must be thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Handling Instructions in order to give
pertinent advice to the customer. In particular, they must have a thorough understanding of the precautions
in the use of the cordless (battery charger type) electric power tool which are different from those of
ordinary electric power tools.
(1) Before use, ensure that the unit is fully charged.
New units are not fully charged. Even if the units were fully charged at the factory, long periods out of
use, such as during shipping, cause the storage battery to lose its charge. Customers must be
instructed to fully charge the unit prior to use.
(2) When charging storage batteries, use only the exclusive Model UC 18YRSL charger. Because of the
designed rapid-charging feature (about one hour), use of other battery chargers is hazardous.
(3) Follow prescribed steps in using the charger.
First connect the BSL 1430 storage battery to the Model UC 18YRSL charger, then plug the charger into
an AC outlet (ensuring that the voltage matches that indicated on the unit). If this order is reserved, the
charger may not function properly.
(4) Ensure the power source voltage is the same as that indicated on the name plate of the charger. Use of
any other power source (DC outlet, fuel powered generator, etc.) will cause the charger to overheat and
burn out.
(5) Do not use any voltage increasing equipment (transformer etc.) between the power source and the
If the charger is used with voltage over and above that indicated on the unit, it will not function properly.
(6) Conduct battery charging at an ambient temperature range of 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F).
Special temperature sensitive devices are employed in the charger to permit rapid charging. Ensure that
customers are instructed to use the charger at the indicated ambient temperature range. At temperature
under 0°C (32°F), the thermostat will not function properly, and the storage battery may be overcharged.
At temperature over 40°C (104°F), the storage battery cannot be sufficiently charged. The optimum
temperature range is 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F).
(7) The battery charger should not be used continuously.
At high ambient temperature, if over three storage batteries are charged in succession, the temperature
of the coils on the transformer will rise and there is a chance that the temperature fuse inserted in the
interior of the transformer will inadvertently melt. After charging one battery, please wait about 15
minutes before charging the next battery.
(8) The charger case is equipped with air vents to protect the internal electronic components from
Caution the customer not to allow foreign materials, such as metallic or flammable objects, to be
dropped or inserted into the air vents. This could cause electrical shock, fire or other serious hazards.



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