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Grill; Convection; Convection Temperature Indicator; Convection Roast - KitchenAid KCMC1575 Use & Care Manual

Microwave oven with convection
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The Grill function uses a calrod thermal element that heats
quickly to grill a variety of foods.
Use the grill rack to place food closer to the grill element for
faster grilling.
Oven cavity and door will become very hot during grill
element use. The use of oven mitts is recommended.
Use an ovenproof pan to catch drippings.
The grill rack and pan will become very hot. Use oven mitts to
grasp pan for removal. To avoid damage, do not place hot
pan directly on heat-sensitive surfaces.
The turntable must be in place when using the grill rack.
For best results, apply light amount of cooking oil to grill rack.
Examples of Grill Times
Sirloin steak, 1 lb (454 g), 3/4" (1.9 cm)
thick, medium doneness
To Use:
1. Place grill rack securely on pan, and place both on the
turntable. Then position food on rack, and close the door.
2. Touch GRILL.
"00:00" will appear in the display. Enter the length of time to
grill in minutes and seconds.
3. Touch START.
Grill time will count down in the display.
About halfway through the cycle, a tone will sound. This is a
reminder to turn the food, if desired.
When the cycle ends, "End" will appear in the display, and the
end-of-cycle tones will sound.
4. Touch STOP CANCEL or open the door to clear the display.


The convection system circulates hot air through the microwave
oven cavity with a fan. The constantly moving air surrounds the
food to heat the outer portion quickly.
Convection Bake uses the convection system only.
Convection Roast uses the convection system in conjunction
with microwaves to cook more quickly.
The microwave oven cavity and door will become hot during
the convection cycle. The use of oven mitts is recommended.
Use the provided convection (short) rack.
Do not cover turntable or convection rack with aluminum foil,
as it interferes with the circulation of hot air.
Do not use light plastic containers, plastic wrap or paper
products. All ovenproof cookware or metal utensils can be
used with the Convection Bake function. (Round pizza pans
are excellent cooking utensils for many convection-only
items.) Metal utensils cannot be used with the Convection
Roast function.
No special techniques are needed to adapt standard oven
recipes to convection cooking, although some temperatures
might need to be reduced, and some cooking times might
need to be shortened.


5-5¹⁄₂ min
Side 1: 15 min
Side 2: 10 min

Convection Temperature Indicator

The ten bars in the bottom of the display represent the
microwave oven's current and approaching temperature. Each
bar corresponds to the temperature represented on each of the
number pads, 1 through 0 (10).
The bar corresponding to the desired set temperature will flash.
As the microwave oven heats, each bar will light as its
corresponding temperature is reached. When the desired
temperature is reached, the flashing bar will become solid. If the
temperature of the microwave oven drops below the set
temperature, the bar will flash until the microwave oven heats to
the set temperature again.
For example, if the desired temperature is set at 375º (number
pad 8), the eighth bar will flash. When the microwave oven
reaches 100º, the first bar will light. When the microwave oven
reaches 170º, the second bar will light, and so on, until the
desired temperature is reached, and the eighth bar stops flashing
and becomes solid.

Convection Roast

The Convection Roast function shortens the cooking time for
foods that normally require long periods of time to cook. It
alternates between convection heat and microwave energy.
Combination cooking also leaves meats juicy on the inside, and
crispy on the outside.
The microwave oven cavity and door will become hot during
the Convection Roast cycle. The use of oven mitts is
To avoid damage to the microwave oven, do not use metal
cookware or utensils during the Convection Roast cycle. Use
only ovenproof, microwave-safe cookware.
Meats may be roasted directly on the convection rack. Use
an ovenproof, microwave-safe pan to catch the drippings.
Less tender cuts of beef can be roasted and tenderized using
oven cooking bags.
Check for doneness after cooking time has ended. If not
completely done, let stand in microwave oven for a few
minutes to complete cooking.
Examples of Convection Roast Times
Pork roast, 2 lbs (907 g)
Whole chicken, 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
(giblet removed)
Bone-in chicken pieces, 2 lbs (907 g)
To Use:
NOTE: The default temperature is 325ºF (163ºC), and the default
roast time is one hour.
1. Arrange food on convection rack, place rack with food in a
pan, then place the pan with the rack and food on the
turntable and close the door.
Place food in a pan, place the pan on the convection rack,
then place the rack with the pan and food on the turntable
and close the door.
350ºF for 50 min
(about 22-23 min/lb)
350ºF for 1 hr, 10 min
(about 18-20 min/lb)
325ºF for 40 min


Table of Contents

Table of Contents