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End Of Programme; Switching Off The Appliance; Interrupting The Programme; Terminating The Programme - Siemens Dishwasher Operating Instructions Manual



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End of programme

The programme has ended
when the value
is indicated on the numerical display `.

Switching off the appliance

Short time after the end of the programme:
– Switch off the main switch (.
– Open the door.
– Turn off the tap (not applicable if Aqua-
Stop fitted).
– Remove the utensils when they have
cooled down.
At the end of the programme please open
the door fully and not partially
when emptying the dishwasher. Any
escaping water vapour could damage
sensitive worktops.

Interrupting the programme

– Switch off the main switch (.
The LEDs go out. The programme
is saved.
If the door was opened on an
appliance which has a warm water
connection or is heated, first leave
the door ajar for several minutes
and then close. Otherwise, expansion
(pressure) may cause the appliance
door to spring open or water to run
out of the appliance.
– To continue the programme,
switch on the main switch ( again.

Terminating the programme

– Only when the main switch is on:
Rotate programme selector 8
to the Reset position.
The digital display ` indicates
after approx. 3 sec.
– The programme sequence lasts
approx. 1 min.
– Switch off the main switch (.

Changing the programme

After you have switched the appliance on,
it is possible to change the programme
within 2 min.
If you want to change the programme
afterwards, the appliance waits until
the initiated programme section
(e. g. washing) ends. The remaining time
comprises the remaining time
of the previous programme section
and the remaining time of the new
selected programme.

Intensive drying

The final rinse uses a higher temperature
which improves the drying result.
The running time may increase slightly.
(Caution if utensils are delicate!)
– Close the door.
– Hold down button + and press main
switch ( until the digital display
– Release both buttons.
The factory-set value
is lit on the digital display `.
To change the setting:
– By pressing the button +, you can
switch intensive drying on
– Switch off the main switch (.
The set value is saved.
(off) or
or off .


Table of Contents

Table of Contents