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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ..on the utensils ... . Loading the dishwasher ..Customer service ..
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Keep children away from open In daily use dishwasher. The water in the rinsing Use the dishwasher only in the compartment is not drinking water and household and only for its designed could contain detergent residue.
  • Page 5: Disposal

    Disposal Getting to know your Make redundant appliances unusable appliance to prevent subsequent accidents. Diagrams of the control panel and the Dispose of the appliance in an interior of the appliance can be found environmentally friendly manner. in the envelope at the front. Individual positions are referred to in the Warning text.
  • Page 6: Water Softening System

    Tap water above a specific degree of company or customer service will assist water hardness must be softened, you. i.e. descaled, for use in a dishwasher. Setting can be found in the water Water is softened with special salt in the hardness table.
  • Page 7: Salt

    Warnings Then add dishwasher salt (not table salt or tablets). Never fill the salt dispenser with The water is displaced and runs out. detergent. You will destroy the water softening system.
  • Page 8: Rinse Aid

    Rinse aid Setting amount of rinse-aid The amount of rinse aid dispensed can As soon as the rinse-aid refill indicator be set in 4 stages. Accordingly 0, 1, 2 lights up on the control panel, or 3 displays are lit. refill with rinse aid.
  • Page 9: Utensils

    Top basket Recommendation: Use only glasses and porcelain which the manufacturer designates as dishwasher-proof. Use a detergent which protects utensils. Take glass and cutlery out of the dishwasher as soon as possible after the programme ends. * depending on model...
  • Page 10: Pans

    Pans Folding spikes * Bottom basket * depending on model The spikes can be folded down to improve arrangement of pans, bowls and glasses. Small accessories holder * * depending on model Light-weight plastic accessories, e.g. cups, Cutlery basket lids, etc. can be held securely in the small You should always place cutlery unsorted accessories holder.
  • Page 11: Knife Shelf

    Knife shelf * Appliance height 86.5 cm * depending on model Bottom Long knives and other utensils can be basket basket arranged horizontally. Setting 1 24 cm 33 cm You can remove the knife shelf to wash max. taller utensils. Re-insert the knife shelf Setting 2 in the correct position.
  • Page 12: Detergent

    Detergent To raise the basket, hold the basket on the sides of the upper edge and lift it You can use tablets as well as powder or liquid detergents for dishwashers, Before re-inserting the basket again, but never use washing up liquid. Tablets ensure that it is at the same height on contain not only detergent but also both sides.
  • Page 13: Adding Detergent

    Adding detergent Note You will obtain optimum rinsing and Pour detergent into the dispenser drying results by using solo detergents (insert tablet flat, not on its edge). and applying salt and rinse-aid Dosage: see manufacturer’s separately. instructions on the packaging. f programmes are short, tablets may not Close the cover on the detergent have full cleaning effect due to different...
  • Page 14: Overview Of Programmes

    Overview of programmes The max. possible number of programmes is illustrated in this overview. The corresponding programmes for your appliance can be found on the fascia. Programme Type of utensils Programme sequence Possible and soiling additional options Intensive 70° Pots, utensils Prerinse and cutlery Clean 70°...
  • Page 15: Additional Options

    Additional options Washing the dishes * depending on model Programme data Additional options can be set with the The programme data (consumption buttons. values) can be found in the summary of instructions. This data refers to normal Express Wash conditions and the water hardness set (VarioSpeed) * value 2.
  • Page 16: Timer Programming

    At the end of the programme please open End of programme the door fully and not partially when The programme has ended when the End emptying the dishwasher. Any escaping display is lit. water vapour could damage sensitive The end of the programme is also worktops.
  • Page 17: Terminating The Programme (Reset)

    The only way a programme can be cloth. changed is by Cancel programme (reset). Never use a steam cleaner to clean your dishwasher. The manufacturer is not liable Intensive drying for any consequential damage. The final rinse uses a higher temperature Regularly wipe the front of the appliance which improves the drying result.
  • Page 18: Filters

    Filters Spray arms The filters keep large foreign objects Limescale and contaminants in the rinsing water may block nozzles and bearings on in the rinsing water away from the pump. the spray arms These foreign objects may occasionally block the filters. Check outlet nozzles on the spray arms The filter system consists of a coarse filter, for blockages.
  • Page 19: Waste Water Pump

    Waste water pump Troubleshooting Large food remnants in the rinsing water Experience has shown that you can rectify not retained by the filters may block the most faults which occur in daily operation waste water pump. The rinsing water is without calling customer service.
  • Page 20: During The Wash Cycle

    Cover on the detergent dispenser The “Check water supply” display cannot be closed. flashes rapidly. Detergent dispenser overfilled Water in the safety system. or mechanism blocked by sticky Switch off the appliance and detergent residue. pull out the mains plug. Detergent residue in the detergent Turn off the tap.
  • Page 21: On The Utensils

    Dull, discoloured glasses, film cannot be washed off. Food residue on the utensils. Unsuitable detergent. Utensils placed too closely Glasses not dishwasher-proof. together, utensils basket overfilled. Streaks on glasses and cutlery, Too little detergent. glasses have metallic appearance. Rinse programme too weak.
  • Page 22: Customer Service

    To prevent injury, the power cord may be replaced by customer service only. If the dishwasher is installed in a high- sided unit, the unit must be secured properly. Install built-under or integratable...
  • Page 23: Delivery

    Connect the fresh-water connection Delivery to the tap according to the installation instructions with the enclosed parts. Your dishwasher has been checked Ensure that the fresh-water connection thoroughly in the factory to ensure that it is not kinked, crushed or twisted.
  • Page 24: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection Transportation Connect the appliance to an alternating Empty the dishwasher and secure current only, ranging from 220 V to loose parts. 240 V and 50 Hz or 60 Hz via a correctly Drain the appliance according to the...
  • Page 25: Waste Disposal

    Waste disposal Both the packaging of new appliances and the old appliances themselves contain valuable raw materials and recyclable materials. Please dispose of the individual parts separated according to type. Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local authority about current means of disposal.
  • Page 26 en Subjekt to modification...
  • Page 27 To do this, remove the top basket and insert the spray head as illustrated in the diagram. To ensure that the spray jet can reach all parts, arrange the baking sheets as illustrated (max. 4 baking sheets and 2 grilles). Never operate the dishwasher without the top basket or baking sheet spray head! * some models...
  • Page 28 The tap should only be turned off if you are absent from home for a prolonged period, e.g. several weeks holiday. Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34, 81739 München To contact us directly, use the tel. no or fax no. in the enclosed customer service list.

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