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Waste Water Pump; When The Appliance Is Switched On; On The Appliance - Siemens Dishwasher Operating Instructions Manual

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Waste water pump

Large food remnants in the rinsing water
not retained by the filters may block
the waste water pump. The rinsing water
is then not pumped out and covers
the filter.
In this case:
– First disconnect the appliance from
the power supply.
– Remove the filters 1J.
– Scoop out water, use a sponge if
– Loosen screw on the cover (Torx T 20)
and remove the cover.
7RU[ 7

– Check inner compartment and remove
any foreign objects.
– Re-insert cover and screw tight.
– Re-insert the filters and screw tight.
... when the appliance is
switched on
The appliance does not start.
– The mains fuse has tripped.
– The appliance plug has not been
– The appliance door has not been shut

... on the appliance

Lower spray arm rotates sluggishly.
– Spray arm blocked.
The door is difficult to open. *
– Child-proof lock is activated.
The deactivation instructions
are at the back in the envelope.
* depending on model
Cover on the detergent dispenser cannot
be closed.
– Detergent dispenser overfilled or
mechanism blocked by sticky
detergent residue.
Detergent residue in the detergent
– Dispenser was damp when filled.
"Check water supply" display H lights
– Tap turned off.
– Water supply interrupted.
– Supply hose kinked.
– Filter in the water supply blocked.
– Switch off the appliance and pull
out the mains plug.
– Turn off the tap.
– Clean filter in the supply hose.
– Reconnect power supply.
– Turn on the tap.
– Switch on the appliance.